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Betting NBA Games: Time to Do It

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting NBA Games

Sports are great for any number of reasons. The greatest athletes in the world doing incredible things against the stiffest competition. Fans that spend their whole lives rooting for one team. The pageantry, legacies, and more – there’s any number of reasons that sports are one of the best things we have. One often overlooked factor: they give you a clear winner. Sure, you can argue about this call or that one, an injury, a play, and so forth, but you know who won and who didn’t. With the NBA games we’ve got coming up, it’s time for some teams to right back, or they could be out of this soon. As ever, the best place for betting NBA games is at BetNow. 

Betting NBA Games: Nuggets at Suns for Game 2

It’s been a minute since the Suns were in the playoffs. As you probably know, the Suns went more than a decade between playoff appearances. However, they made a real statement in taking out the defending champions. Beyond that, they’re continuing to cause problems for other teams. They certainly did against Denver, powering through game 1 due to that 59-33 run over essentially the entire second half of the game. 

Can Denver come back in Game 2? Sure, even if Denver loses this game they can still come back in the series, but if they’re going to be serious about this thing, now is the time. You really don’t want to go down two to zero in a series, even if the series is heading back to your arena afterwards. How do you see this Game 2 going? 

Our handicappers see the Suns racing out to a two games to none lead. As of this writing, we’ve got the Suns as a six point favorite at home. We expect Chris Paul and the gang to keep on rolling in the valley of the sun. The over/under on this game is 222, so we also expect a high-scoring game that eventually goes to the Suns. That said, six points isn’t all that much for these two teams, so they could absolutely make it up. 

Nets vs. Milwaukee for Game 3 

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the Bucks did not look great in Game One and Game Two. In fact, they didn’t quite look good at all. They sort of got blown out in each game. We went into this series saying that it was going to be well-fought, an even series, etc. Then, Games One and Two happened and that was not the case. 

But, that’s far from being the entire series, either. It’s just two games. The Bucks could absolutely turn this entire thing around. They’ll get their chance Thursday night in front of their home crowd. Now, the Bucks have to win this game. They really do. Sure, mathematically, they could come back from down three games to none to win the series, yes. But, while we’ll take your bets at BetNow, we’re not sure that you should bet on that one. 

All of this is a lot of preamble to say that the Bucks had better win this game Thursday night. As of right now, our handicappers believe that they will do so. They will jump back into this series with a win. That said, we have them as a 3.5 point favorite. That’s not exactly an overwhelming favorite. The Nets could definitely make that one up. So, we see this as a close game. We also see it as a high scoring one, with the over/under being 235 points. 

How do you see this going? Can the Bucks make it a series again in front of their home fans? Or, do the Nets take an enormous three games to none lead in the series? You can bet NBA games and more right here at BetNow.