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Betting NBA Games 2021 in the West

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting NBA Games 2021

There are great games all over the NBA, every night of the regular season, more or less. Sometimes, there are better games than others centralized in one location. Tonight/today, for whatever reason, it seems that many of the better games are in the West. That said, we’ve made it so that you can bet on all of the games in the East, too. At BetNow, you’ll be betting NBA games 2021 from all over. Tonight, we focus on the West, but make no mistake – there are great games in the East, too. 

Betting NBA Games 2021 for Western Supremacy 

The Jazz have had a great season. They’re a game up on the Suns as of this writing, with a real chance to have home court throughout the Western Conference playoffs. That said, they’ll have a real test tonight. The Nuggets are only four games back. In fourth place, the Nuggets are a viable option for someone that the Jazz could see in a second or even third round. This game is in Utah, so the Jazz will probably be favored. Who do you have in this one? 

Staying in the West, we’ve got a great game between the Lakers and the Trail Blazers. Both teams have the same record right now. The winner moves into sixth place, the loser to seventh. Now, only eight teams make the playoffs. Sure, the team in 7th place will still be a few games ahead of the Warriors. But, for two teams with title aspirations, like the Lakers and the Blazers, that’s an uncomfortable position. Either team can lose this game, get into the playoffs, and go on a roll. But, it’s easier if you’re winning regular season games like this one. 

Elimination Games, So to Speak 

The Spurs and Kings would have an uphill battle to get into the playoffs. As of this writing, the Spurs are two games out of a playoff spot. The Kings are four and a half. Neither of those is impossible, but they are unlikely. However, they become unlikelier still if they lose this game tonight between these two teams. Both teams need to win this game and indeed, games like this. Otherwise, it’s time to start turning to the draft. Who do you have in this one? 

A True Finals Possibility 

The Suns have been just about as good as the Jazz, only a game behind them. They’re having a fantastic season. Either team will be a real threat to not just go to the Finals but to win it all. There, in the Finals, they might see one of the favorites, as well as a team like the Knicks. The Knicks too are having a very good season, albeit not as good as the ones that the Jazz and Suns are having. 

That said, in the playoffs, those regular season records go out the window fast. It’s all about who can win these games right now. A game like this can stay in a team’s mind for later on, should they meet again. That said, both teams want to win this not for a future Finals matchup, but so they can win it right now. The Suns are only a game behind the Jazz. The Knicks are only a game ahead of the Hawks. Both teams want this game. 

Now, as of this writing, we have the Suns as a six point favorite in Phoenix. That makes sense, they’re the better team on paper, playing at home, outside of the time zone, etc. We also have the over/under at 218 points, so we anticipate a high scoring game. How do you see it going? Of course, you can bet on NBA games online you want, basketball and otherwise, at BetNow.