Betting College Basketball Before the Big Dance

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Betting college basketball

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Selection Sunday. Right around the corner. From there, the Big Dance is only a few days away. The “play in games” will be here soon, sure, but it’s not like you have to wait till then to go dancing. In fact, you can start right now, so to speak. (Betting college basketball, we mean – here at BetNow, we don’t really tell you when and when not to physically dance. That’s not our thing). What we can tell you should do is to bet on college basketball tournament games that are going on right now. 

Betting College Basketball “Bigs” 

Typically, in basketball, when someone refers to the “bigs,” it’s about the centers, maybe some impressively large forwards, and so forth. However, in this context, we mean the “bigs” as in “the big conferences,” not all of which have the word “big” in their name (although several do). Moreover, several of them have elimination games in their conference tournaments throughout this week. 

As of this writing, we’re looking at quarterfinals for the Big 10 Conference from Indianapolis. There, Ohio State plays Purdue, the Illini play the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers, and in the night cap, Wisconsin plays Iowa. You know Big 10 basketball: for the most part, it’s physical. Fundamentally sound. Maybe it’s not one star or another lighting up the court, but tough, hard games. These lines reflect them. They’re mainly close, anticipating even contests. 

Speaking of even contests worth watching throughout the day, we’ve got the semifinals for the ACC tournament. Georgia Tech plays Virginia and North Carolina takes on Florida State. The winners go on to meet for the ACC championship. While these may not be all of the traditional powers that you expect in the ACC, these are going to be great basketball games. As of this writing, we’ve got the Cavs as a four point favorite against the Ramblin’ Wreck. Who do you got? 

And, of course, any talk of the “bigs” wouldn’t be right without discussion of the Big 12 Conference semifinal. The Longhorns play Kansas in what should be a good one, all the way from Kansas City. For still more big conference action, from out in Vegas, the Civil War sparks up on the hardcourt, as Oregon State takes on Oregon. The Ducks are a nine point favorite, but in a rivalry game like this, anything can happen. 

Mid Major = Major Opportunities

There are real basketball teams in the American Athletic Conference. To say it again, there are real basketball teams in the American Athletic Conference. If some of these teams were to get into the tournament, they could absolutely do some damage. Wichita State, of course, is no stranger to doing damage in the big dance. For now, in the AAC dance, they’re a nine point favorite against the South Florida Bulls. 

Many of the games that we’ve highlighted in these blogs have small lines, where the handicappers really do so close games. That’s not the case in the AAC. As of now, we’ve got Houston as a 17.5 point favorite over Tulane. The smallest line, as of this writing, is Memphis by 6.5 over Central Florida. But, those big lines mean big winnings if you get the upset right. How do you feel about this? Do you see Houston winning that big? Or, can Tulane pull off an upset for the ages (or at least, for the rest of Friday?) 

It says a lot about just how much quality online betting college basketball there is right now that we didn’t even get to touch on the SEC quarterfinals until the end of this blog. But, the truth is, for as much as what’s going on now, this is really the first course for what is to come. Namely, the games after this in the Big Dance are really going to be something. If you want to get a head start on all of it, these tournaments provide a great opportunity (as well as, of course, an opportunity for making more money). Best of luck all season(s) long!