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BetNow Sportsbook for the Road to the Super Bowl

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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All season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl have been covered in our “NFL Futures” section. There’s a real simple reason for that: it’s been in the future. When it’s week 2, 3, 4, and such in the NFL season, it can seem like the Super Bowl is very far away. However, it never was. It’s all been gearing up to this. At BetNow, you can get everything you need to bet on the Super Bowl, as well as every game along the way. This is the time of year when, for many teams, every game essentially has the same import as a playoff game. At our BetNow sportsbook, you can get the best down that you want. 

BetNow Sportsbook for the Road to the Playoffs

You’re told all regular season “these games count,” but often, especially if you spend most of your time rooting for a team with a generally good roster, it can feel like they don’t. Sure, if you start 0 and 3 or something, then you’re going to be reticent about sports betting on your team, and feel that every game really does matter. But, if your team is good, or the division is weak, you might feel “well, that’s all right, we can lose a game or two.” 

While there’s only been one true perfect season in NFL history, the truth is that most teams can’t afford to lose. All of those games really do count. This is the time of year, mid-December, when the bill for losing games to bad teams, to not making plays late in the 4th quarter and so forth comes due. This is where some teams are on track for the playoffs while other teams are falling off or revving up too late. 

Additionally, that means that many of these games can feel like genuine playoff games, even if it’s just for one team. Games like this coming Sunday, when Buffalo heads to Pittsburgh, feels like a playoff game, even though it isn’t. In fact, even with a loss, both teams are still basically on track to make the playoffs (even with the Houston/Tennessee game). The game is more or less for the fifth seed, if not the inside track to the fifth seed. All of these games feel like playoff games as the stakes seem higher. 

Playoff Games for One Team, but It Still Matters for the Other

There are teams at this point which are “playing out the string.” They aren’t going to make the playoffs, they know they aren’t going to make the playoffs, but they have to play the games anyway. There’s a misconception that these teams aren’t trying, or that they have nothing to play for. That’s not exactly true.

For an example of this, as of this writing, it’s a few hours before Thursday Night Football, where the New York Jets will head to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. To be clear, it’s hard to have two more different regular seasons than these teams have had. The Ravens have a new QB who’s the MVP favorite, as well as a well-constructed defense, and will probably be the number one seed in the AFC. The Jets have not had that: stumbling out of the gate, running into injuries, and being an afterthought in the AFC East. 

That said, it doesn’t mean that the Jets are just going to let this game go. Darnold has been  playing better as of late, and Bell ran well against the Ravens when he was with Pittsburgh. Sure, the Ravens are almost three touchdown favorites for a reason, but the Jets aren’t necessarily just going to forfeit this game. The other guys are playing for the number one seed; some of these guys are playing for their careers. 

All of the Games that Matter

At our site, you’ll be able to bet on one big game after another. That means that you’ll be able to get all of the games in the last few weeks of the season, which will determine playoff seeding as well as who gets into the playoffs period. The last week of the regular season is all division games (as it has been for some time). That means that each of these games will be rivalry games with big playoff implications. 

Of course, once the smoke settles from the regular season, that’s where our online sportsbook really springs into action. From there, it will be time to bet on the NFL playoffs themselves. These are the games that people remember for years, if not the rest of their lives. After that, it culminates in the big event itself, the Super Bowl. With BetNow sportsbook, you can start the winning today, and carry it through to the end of the season!