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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet World Series Games

Bet World Series games unlike any others at a betting platform unlike any other: BetNow. Here, you can bet on all games of the 2020 World Series. As of this writing, Game 1 continues. The Dodgers have a five run lead in the 7th inning. It very well may hold up. Then again, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that, literally, anything can happen. Should the Dodgers hold on, do you see them winning the Series? Or, is this the year that Tampa Bay takes home the crown? 

Bet World Series Games in 2020 

Game 1 saw Tyler Glasnow, having finally reached his full potential, pitching against the legendary Clayton Kershaw. As of this writing, it seems that Kershaw has gotten the best of this matchup. But, the Rays are going to want to get Glasnow out there as soon as they can again for his next start, which looks like it would come as early as Sunday for Game 5 (if necessary). 

There’s an old baseball adage: “your momentum is as good as your next starting pitcher.” When you think about it, it’s true. No matter how many runs you won by, no matter how inspiring your comeback was in the prior game, it can all be undone in the next by a starting pitcher who can’t get the job done. 

Consequently, if the other team’s starting pitcher is just throwing lights out, then it’s probably not going to matter what you’re doing to try and hit him, either. So, the pitching matchups really matter, especially so in a series like this. After all, it’s not like either team is very familiar with this stadium. Here in Arlington, where the Rangers play, the two teams don’t have that same familiarity they would have with their own, home stadiums. 

Sure, there might be more Dodgers fans in the stands but in large part that could be because there are more Dodgers fans, period. The pitching matchups in this series could hold the key to who walks home with the trophy. 

A Look at the Pitching Matchups Through the First Four Games 

As of this writing, the Dodgers have not announced their starter for Game 2. The Rays are going to come back with Blake Snell, who’s been so good for them throughout the playoffs. In Game 3, the Dodgers will go with Walker Buehler. Truly one of the more exciting young starting pitchers in the game, he’ll present a real contrast with the Rays’ starter, Charlie Morton. 

Charlie has pitched against the Dodgers in the World Series before, having done so with the champion Astros. In Game 4 on Saturday, the Dodgers go with the unbeaten in the playoffs Julio Urias while the Rays send out Ryan Yarbrough who has struggled some throughout the playoffs. 

Of course, the Rays have long been one of the most creative teams in terms of who pitches when. It’s not like they have any sheepishness about going to their pen early. After all, much of the idea of the “Closer Game” comes from the Rays, and what they’ve learned through the analytics. There would be nothing surprising about the Rays going into their deep pen early and often throughout the series. 

More than Baseball 

While the World Series is exciting, we know it’s not for everyone. Perhaps you’re thinking less about the Rays and the Dodgers and more about the Titans and the Steelers. We have a full slate of NFL and NCAA football games for you this weekend as well. Hopefully, there are no more COVID-19 positive tests and all of these games can go on. 

(While “Tuesday Night Football” is fine, it’s not like we want to make a habit of it.) You’ll be able to find all of the games throughout the rest of the season here at BetNow. Besides, even once the MLB season ends, you’ll be able to bet on baseball games all around the world at BetNow, too. As long as there are sports, there will be sports betting at BetNow!