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Bet the West NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on March Madness West

No more messing around. March Madness is here. The field has been set (except for the play in games, of course). Now is the time. Specifically, it’s the time for the greatest tournament in all of sports. But, beyond that, it’s also time for you to bet on these games. If you’re like the rest of America (and the world, basically) odds are you’ve already got strong opinions about each region. Today, we’re going to go over the west, so that you can bet on March Madness West NCAA men’s basketball bracket and look smart when you do. 

High Seeds 

What can be said about Gonzaga that hasn’t been said at this point? Not all that long ago, they were a popular “that’s a school with a fun name” pick. Now, they’re a consensus number one seed, one of the very best teams in all of college basketball. Indeed, there have been rumors that they were number two overall to Arizona. If that’s the case, then Gonzaga very well might be one of the favorites in the whole thing. They open with Georgia State. From there, they get the winner of Boise State Broncos and Memphis. 

It’s Coach K’s last year. No matter what happens in this tournament, that’s it. One of the greatest coaches of all time (regardless of how you feel about Duke) hangs it up after this. Does he do it so early? Does he do it late? Or, does it happen after he cuts down the nets? He starts with CS Fullerton, a team they should beat.

But, after that, it gets interesting. Michigan State (a team with quite a great coach of their own, as you may have heard) plays Davidson (a school that also has a famous basketball alum you may have heard of as well) for the right to take on Duke. That’s as compelling a 7 and 10 matchup as we’ve seen in some time. 

Middle Seeds 

Texas Tech is a tough out. Indeed, many have them in the Final Four, getting past Gonzaga and Duke on their way to a chance to play for One Shining Moment. They open with Montana State and then get the winner of the Alabama vs. Rutgers or Notre Dame (the Play-in Games have not been played at the time of this writing). 

Texas Tech may not have the best offense, but boy do they know how to play defense. Yes, 14 and 3 upsets do occur more often than you might think, but they don’t occur all that often. For that to happen this year, Montana State would really have to do something to take them out. Can it happen? 

Another high seed that you’ve heard of: Arkansas. Yes, the days of Nolan Richardson might be over, but this Arkansas team is better than many recent interactions. They draw a tough matchup in the first round, as many know that Vermont can shoot the lights out. They particularly can do so for a mid-major team, often overlooked as perhaps not being as great as the others. If you’re looking for an upset, this could be a place where one occurs. 

Potential Upsets

That said, if you’re really looking for an upset (and they happen practically every year) don’t overlook the old 5 and 12 matchup. These games often take place between a mid-major champion who is very good (hence being higher than say, 16, 15, 14, 13, and so forth) against a team from a larger conference who may have gotten an at-large bid. 

This particular 12 and 5 matchup is New Mexico State taking on the UConn Huskies. This isn’t Ray Allen’s UConn, but they’re pretty good. New Mexico State plays well, so the Huskies will have a game on their hands. How do you see this one going? You can find all of the brackets as well as the college basketball betting you need right at our site.