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Bet the Super Bowl: Lines and More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet the Super Bowl

It’s just a few days away! The Super Bowl. It’ll be here before you know it. Then, the season will be over, but we will have a champion. Beyond that, there’ll be plenty to bet on throughout the game, we make sure of that here at BetNow. We know that when it comes to betting the Super Bowl, you want to have as many options as possible. That’s just what we offer. Here, you’ll be able to bet on the Super Bowl line, the odds, and so, so much more. That’s how you bet the Super Bowl at BetNow. 

Bet the Super Bowl, Bet the Line 

The line has changed, just as many of us thought it would. It’s come down.  There’s action on the Cincinnati Bengals. More people think Cincinnati will win their first ever Super Bowl, which means that the line has changed a bit. Now, we have it down to the Rams by three. It was 3.5 (and even four) in some places after the championship round. But, now that we’re getting close to the game, we have it down to three. 

How do you feel about the line? It’s just a field goal. If you go by the old idea (namely, that being at home gets you three points) would this game be a pick ‘em elsewhere? After all, the Rams are in their home stadium, staying in their homes, a chance to be the second team to win the Super Bowl in their stadium. Will that translate to success? Or, will it help to make them complacent, giving the Bengals the edge? 

Pick a Winner 

Do you see the Rams covering the three points? It’s just a field goal, but they have a lot of weapons. Cooper Kupp is having the kind of season that many receivers only dream of. The defense has gotten better, packed as it is with Hall of Famers and other great players. Stafford himself has been revitalized in LA, looking like the QB that so many in Detroit thought he could be. 

Or, do you see the Bengals winning? They’ve got a great young team of players that many didn’t think would be here for another year or so but they’re here now. With some great signings in free agency, they’re on the cusp of a championship. Can Burrow do it already? Will Chase be the guy who makes all those catches? Will the defense hold again against a powerful offense? There are plenty of reasons that the line has come down. 

Pick Winners Throughout the Game 

You don’t have to just pick which team is going to win the game at the very end of the game (although we have plenty of betting for that). You’ll also be able to pick who’s going to win (or rather, be ahead) at the end of each quarter and half as well. That way, you can win throughout the game. 

We know that when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, you want options. You want to be able to bet on and win as much as possible. Our aim is to give you op[routnities throughout the game. That way, you can bet on the coin toss and win and then keep winning through the 1st quarter, 1st half, 3rd quarter, and end of the game. You can find all of these ways to bet on the 2022 Super Bowl at our site before the game!