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Bet the Belmont Stakes at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet the Belmont Stakes

Every sport was touched by COVID-19. Every single one. Even the NFL had to do their draft online. The NBA, the NHL, MLB, and so many others – they had to stop their seasons and figure out new plans on the fly. Now, at least, we’re at the point where some things are starting to come back. We’re all cautiously optimistic for the NFL season (even if it doesn’t have fans). The NHL has set training camp dates for July, with the idea that the games will be played later on in the summer (to wrap up the season). Horse racing, thankfully, is coming back in a big way, too. Here at BetNow, you can bet the Belmont Stakes. 

Bet the Belmont Stakes Right Here 

In a better summer, about now, we’d be arguing about whether or not one horse is going to win the Triple Crown. Fortunately, the Belmont Stakes are here to give us at least some of that Triple Crown action. The NYRA is doing everything that they can to make sure that this event is as safe as possible for everyone involved. So, you can bet it at our online betting site

Our professional handicappers have been great year after year when it comes to Triple Crown events, and no pandemic is going to slow us down. If you head to our site right now, you’ll find that we have everything you need to get a bet down for one of the year’s biggest races. Whether you’re looking at a favorite, an underdog, or have a good feeling about one of the other horses, we have everything that you need to get a bet down exactly how you want. 

The Field 

We’re not exactly breaking news here to say that Tiz The Law is the favorite. Our site reflects that quite strongly. As of this writing, that’s the only horse with a minus sign next to their name. However, it’s the Belmont Stakes. If you’re like so many of us, you remember watching these races in the past, betting on a heavy favorite to win, only to see them lose in any number of ways. We’re not saying that Tiz The Law won’t win, but just that there are many other horses in the field. 

Longshots are always popular in these events. There’s something romantic about the longshot: the horse that no one thinks is going to win actually does. It’s easy to identify with that emotionally. Of course, there’s another reason that people identify with the longshot: money. You bet the longshot and win big, your 2020 is going to get seriously better. 

As of this writing, the biggest longshot on the board is the wonderfully named “NY Traffic.” However, there are plenty of other horses facing long odds, as well: Basin, Farmington Road, Modernist, Shivaree, Max Player, and others. This is shaping up to be one of those Belmont Stakes where there are a few favorites and then there’s everyone else. Your research and your intuition can lead you to the right horse for your betting. 

Bet the Belmont Stakes: Betting Going Forward 

We’ve found that everyone has their own methods to horse betting. Some trust their research, while others trust their instincts. We’ve talked to bettors who do so much research, make their decision, and then right before the race, bet on another horse. It’s really up to you. 

At BetNow, though, you can bet on this race and the others exactly how you would like. We have multiple options available so that you can get a bet down. Of course, we know that people are moving around more than they were at the beginning of the pandemic, so do keep in mind that our site is fully mobile optimized. That means that you can bet on these races from practically anywhere at any time. 

To be clear, we said “these races” in the last sentence and meant it. If you look at our site right now, we also have betting options available for the Kentucky Derby, too. That’s a little bit further away than this coming Saturday, as it will come up in September this year. We’ll be here for you to bet on sports as they’re played here at BetNow.