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Bet Super Bowl Prop Bets: Some of the Best

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet Super Bowl Prop Bets

Do you want to bet the Super Bowl but don’t want to bet on the game? Do you want to bet the Super Bowl prop bets? That’s what we offer at BetNow. Sure, the Super Bowl is the culmination of the NFL season, a chance for one team to be immortalized forever, etc., all of that. But, it’s also a really good time. Part of that good time is betting and winning. Hence, the prop bets. Sure, we have odds on all of them. But, these are the kinds of bets that you don’t have to know who the Rams’ back up inside linebacker is to be able to win. 

Bet Super Bowl Prop Bets Before the Game Starts 

Of course you can bet the coin toss. Everyone bets on the coin toss, yes. Heads or tails. But, here, you can bet so much more of the coin toss than just whether it’s heads or tails. You can bet on what the player who makes the call will say. Will they call heads or will they call tails? Of course, you can bet on who’s going to win the coin toss, too. Will it be the Bengals? Or will it be the Los Angeles Rams

When that team picks the side of the coin, will they be right or not right about it? We even have bets about what happens to the coin toss winner, too. Do they win the game? Or, will they lose it? Additionally, we have bets for after the coin toss but before the game. How many planes will there be in the flyover? Will there be five or more? How long will the anthem go? We have the over/under on the length, as of now, at 98.5 seconds. So, that’s more than a minute and a half but not a lot more. 

That said, there are always more prop bets. How long will the word “brave” be sung? We have the over-under right now at 6.5 seconds, which is a bit longer than you think but isn’t long long. 

Early Bets 

No matter which team gets the ball first, what will the 1st offensive play of the game be? Will it be a run or a pass? That said, we have race-based bets, too. Who’s going to score ten points first? Who’ll score 15 points first after that? Of course, if you correctly bet that neither team is going to score 15 or even ten points, then you can win some real money on a Sunday night. We do the “who’ll be the first to score” all the way up to 40 points. 

You can bet on who’ll be the first team to score, period as well. That means betting on whether it’ll be the Rams or Bengals who score first. You can also bet on how that will be scored – will it be a touchdown or a field goal? Yes, you can bet on a third way of scoring (and, before you balk at the big odds, remember that it’s happened before). 

You can even bet on whether there will be a score in the first three minutes of the game as well as in the first three and a half minutes of the game. You can win during the coin toss, you can win during the first three and a half minutes of the game, too. At BetNow, we want to give you as many chances as possible to succeed. 

Bets Throughout the Day 

We know that for many folks, the Super Bowl comes at the end of the sporting day. That means you’ve been betting on sports all day long. We have cross-sport Super Bowl bets, too, so that you can bet on everything from whether Matthew Stafford will have more rushing yards than Jordan Spieth will have 1st Round birdies in the WM Phoenix Open to whether Joe Burrow will have more interceptions than Sidney Crosby will have assists. You can bet it all at BetNow!