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Bet Pro Football Games with Big and Small Lines

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet pro Football Games

The NFL has, in many ways, the “hardest” of the salary caps in sports. That means, theoretically, that every team is more or less close to each other. Sure, there are going to be teams that are much, much better than others, but the general idea is that the salary cap keeps things more or less contained. Indeed, it keeps a Dodgers or Yankees from coming out of the NFL, teams that just have more resources than the others. Well, while there’s so much to be said for the NFL’s salary cap (and how it allows smaller market teams to compete year after year) there sure are a lot of big lines this week. You’ll see that when you bet pro football games at the finest sports betting website, BetNow. 

Bet Pro Football Games with Big Lines Early 

The “big lines” start the day off early. For example, the Burrow-less Bengals head to Miami to play the Fins. At home, the Fins are a twelve point favorite. Moreover, the Fins are a twelve point favorite with us having no idea who’s going to start at QB: whether it’s Tua or Fitz. That’s just how bad the Bengals can be without their great young QB. How do you see this playing out? Can the Bengals run well enough and play some defense to keep it tight? Or does FitzMagic cover? 

At the same time that game is kicking off, they’ll be kicking off in Minnesota between the Vikes and the Jags. The Jags have lost every game since the first week, and are a 10.5 point dog on the road. The Vikings certainly have their share of problems, but they also have some really strong pieces in place. Mike Glennon is, once again, starting at QB for the Jags. What do you think? Can the Vikes run the Jags out of the building? Or, can the Jags, who really did play Cleveland tough last week, hang around? 

Speaking of the opposite of hanging around, the Jets. They’re hosting the Raiders. The Raiders are a nine point favorite. You might think: “sounds great, I’ll give the nine.” The Raiders very well could win by nine. But, not all that long ago, the Jets just absolutely stamped the Raiders. That’s not to say that it’s going to happen again, but it’s not impossible. Is this where the Jets hang in? Or, do the Raiders roll on the road? 

Big Lines Later in the Day (and the Next) 

The Giants head to Seattle. Obviously,  the Seahawks are a heavy favorite here, at ten points. But, you might think that it would be higher. The truth is, while the Giants haven’t been a great football team by any means, they rarely get blown out. That might sound like faint praise, but they are in this year’s NFC East. Can they give Seattle a game? Or, is this a game where Seattle takes one step closer towards being the number one NFC seed? 

The Chiefs host the Broncos in the Sunday night game, and the handicappers have no faith in the Broncos. They’ve got them as a two touchdown dog on the road to their rivals. It makes sense. The Chiefs are the defending champs and, if not for a weird let down loss to the Raiders earlier in the season, would be undefeated just like the Steelers are. That said, the Broncos do have a real defense (even with all of their injuries). Is this the game where, once and for all, Drew Lock figures it out? Or, is this yet another opportunity for the Chiefs to roll? 

Speaking of the Steelers, they host the Washington Football Team on Monday night, after last playing the Ravens on Wednesday. Currently, the betting line is Steelers by nine, but the injury to Bud Dupree could be a real, real problem. The offense looked nothing like good in the game against the Ravens, and the defense gave up some big plays. The Football Team’s defense (particularly that front) is stout. How do you see this going? Good luck to you all season long.