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Bet on the NFL Like the Pros Do

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on the NFL Like the Pros Do

“I’ll just take the road team to win.” “I like the team that’s won a couple in a row to do it again.” “Give me the one with the better-looking jerseys.” OK, the last is a stretch, but there are people out there who really do bet in the ways mentioned in the first couple of sentences. Sure, that might be one way to go about making a few bucks, every now and then. However, it’s not really sustainable, and it’s more guessing than betting. At our site, you can bet on the NFL as the experts do: with money lines, point spreads, odds, over/under, and so much more. 

Bet on the NFL in Multiple Ways

At our site, you can take one team to win. However, you can also use the point spreads, too. By betting on the point spread, you have even better chances to win. That way, you aren’t just picking one team to win or lose “straight up.” instead, there’s a bit of leeway. A team that’s a heavy underdog on the road, for example, shouldn’t have to win a game outright for you to make money if you knew they’d play better than others believed. That’s where the point spread comes in. 

If they’re getting four points on the road, but you think they’re going to keep it close, then you deserve to win if they lose by a field goal. Sure, it won’t make a difference to the players on the field, but you did the work and you deserve to be rewarded. That’s what the point spread does: it handicaps the game, makes it more even and fair. 

By that same token, the favorite really has to show their dominance to win. A team that’s favorited by ten at home and wins by seven maybe wasn’t as good as the handicappers thought. By that same token, a team that’s favored by four at home and then wins by a touchdown, that’s a team that covered. That’s one that, should you have believed in them, bet on them and given the points, then you deserve to be paid for it. 

Bet Throughout the Game

NFL games are rarely static. There are ebbs and flows. It’s rare that one team controls the game wire to wire. Sure, there are plenty of games where one team takes a lead and never relinquishes it, but typically, even in that scenario, there are moments in the game where the other team is driving the ball or otherwise controlling play. Then, something occurs to keep them from taking the lead: a turnover, a missed field goal, or something else, etc. An NFL game is rarely static, and it can change on literally a single play. 

That’s where our in-game betting comes in. You can bet on what’s going to happen in each half or quarter, all in real-time. That way, you can react as things change. For example, just look at the quarterback injuries in just this current season. Since the start of the season, it seems like so many starters have suffered season-ending injuries. Even those that haven’t suffered such injuries may have had moments where they were out for a game or two. When a starter is injured in the game, that changes the entire complexion of the rest of the game. 

Suddenly, a high-powered offense may become more conservative. A team that controlled the ball by throwing it all over the field may now rely on the running game. When this occurs, it gives the other team a significant advantage, as they won’t have to deal with that starting quarterback… or do they? There are plenty of examples (in the last year and others) where a backup came into the game and was just as good, if not better.

Your Starting NFL Betting Site

At our site, you’ll be able to bet NFL games throughout December and into the playoffs. Many of the games that occur right now are going to determine playoff seeding, if not determine who’s getting into the playoffs and who isn’t. Even the games between the teams that aren’t getting into the playoffs matter significantly. Sure, they matter for draft position, but they also have a lot to do in terms of getting teams ready for next year. In a year with so many backups and rookie QBs playing, that experience can be invaluable to turn those teams into contenders for next year and beyond. You can bet a contender any time you bet at our site.