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Bet on the Masters 2021 at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on the Masters 2021

A tradition unlike any other. No, we aren’t talking about you betting at BetNow (although that does apply). Of course, we’re talking about The Masters. The first and, depending on who you talk to, maybe the best of golf’s Majors, it will be played this weekend as ever in Augusta, GA. There are precious few sports events in the world where everyone knows, by name, what you get if you win. The Masters is one of them, with the incredible Green Jacket. You can win your own green jacket, or really any other color of clothing you would like to buy with your winnings should bet on the Masters 2021 at BetNow and win. We have many ways for you to bet on this. 

Bet on the Masters 2021 Matchups

You can bet on who’s going to win the Masters, of course. But, as you know, here at BetNow, we’re always looking for more ways to offer more betting. So, we’ve made it possible to bet on who’s going to win the individual matchups. You can bet who’ll be better between two golfers. We’ve tried to make sure these are mostly even and close, so that there’s not one that’s too heavily favored over the others. 

Moreover, these bets are for the entire Masters tournament. So, you won’t be betting on one day. If they have a hot day, great. If they have a rough day, well, you can get them in the next round, hopefully (provided they make the cut). This is a bet for if someone gets off to a hot start and then, after the cut, falls back or blows up on the last day or something.

To give you an example of this, if you go to our site right now you can bet on Dustin Johnson vs. Bryson Dechambeau. We’ve got Dustin as a slight favorite, favored by 1.5 strokes. Additionally, you’ll note that we have his odds to win at -120. “But,” you might be saying, “I wanted to Bet on Bryson against Rory McIlroy!” We’ve got you covered there, too. 

In that matchup, Bryson is a favorite, at 1.5 strokes and -130 odds respectively. You can bet this matchup as you would like right at our site. 

Bet Round by Round  

Perhaps you don’t want to bet on the entire tournament. Maybe, instead, you want to bet on one golfer to have a great first round. We make it possible to do that at our site as well. For example, we’re also offering matchups for the 1st round only. (Presumably, we’ll do this as the other rounds break down as well). 

This can be a great opportunity if you know someone that comes out really strong. Maybe they don’t have the stamina (or the resistance to pressure) to be able to play the four rounds of their life at Augusta. But, maybe they do have enough to come out blazing. This is a great chance to make some money with that knowledge. 

By that same token, maybe you know that someone really starts out sluggish. Perhaps they have to get a round or so under their belt, get the lay of the land, so to speak. Maybe they can treat the first round like a practice round and then get it together later on. There’s that old adage about how “you can’t win the tournament in the first round, but you can lose it.” Of course, just about all of us can think of golfers who have made that work for them regardless. 

So, to use an example from our site as of this writing, we’ve got a matchup for the first round of Sebastian Munoz versus Stewart Cink. We’ve got Sebastian as a slight favorite, by half a stroke. By that same token, he’s -130 on the odds and Stewart is +110. Who do you have in this one? If your answer to that is “Who, uh, indeed? Like, who are those guys?” Well, then you can bet on any number of the other first round matchups, too! Bet on the Masters 2021 at our betting website and win. Of course, just because there’s all this golf doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped our other betting. There’s always something to bet on at BetNow!