Bet on Tennis: A Grand Slam

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Tennis - A Grand Slam

At BetNow, we take a lot of pride in being able to offer our players the kind of betting experience they might not receive elsewhere. On top of that, it’s gratifying to be able to provide betting opportunities that might have seemed preposterous only a few years ago. Older bettors, or those who tried to get a bet down before the rise of the internet, might have struggled to be able to bet on tennis matches. Whether it was Wimbledon, a local tournament, or everything in between, if the local bookie only had the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football or basketball, you might have been out of luck. Today, you can enjoy all of the betting on tennis you want here at BetNow. 

Betting on Tennis: Matches, Straight Up 

For the most part, when making a tennis bet, you’re betting the money line between two players. You’re picking which of the two players is going to win and betting on them. There are rarely point spreads or that kind of thing: it’s one player against another, may the best one win. However, you can use our site to find the money line that best fits what you’re looking for. 

For example, as of this writing, there’s a match later today in the ATP Rolex Masters Matchups. It features Alexander Zverev against Fernando Verdasco. Alexander’s money line is -335, while Fernando’s is +275. Alexander is favored in a matchup between the two tennis players. While we always encourage our players to do their research, you can use the money line to determine how you want to bet. 

If you were to bet on Alexander, he’s such a heavy favorite, you would have to bet a lot of money to make a lot of money. To be clear, if you were to bet $335 on Alexander, should he win the matchup, you would make $100. However, as Fernando is a heavy underdog, you could win quite a bit if he does pull it out. You would get an extra $275 on top of your $100 if he were to win. Your research and instincts can help guide you towards betting on which player in which matchup. 

More Opportunities to Bet on Tennis

The biggest tennis tournaments in the world are genuine household names: Wimbledon, the French Open, the US Open, and so forth. These are the tennis tournaments for which the world stops, and everyone turns their attention to them. Of course, you can find all of these matchups at our site, and bet on them accordingly. Just as we utilize the best handicappers, odds, and lines in all of the other sports, we do the same for tennis as well. 

However, those are far from the only tennis events. There are so many more, essentially all year round. Tennis is unique in that people are playing it basically any time of the year. Sure, you may not be able to bet on tennis every single day of the year. But, you can probably get a bet down on a tennis match for the most part throughout the year. We can help you to do that, by offering betting opportunities for even some of those tournaments that the common tennis fan may not have heard of. 

For example, if you go to BetNow (as of this writing) you’ll find that we offer betting opportunities on the ATP Rolex Masters Matchups as well as the WTA Finals Shenzhen Matchups. As you might imagine, these tennis matches won’t be splashed across the front page of newspapers all throughout America. However, each of these tournaments provides plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money through your knowledge of tennis. 

Bonuses, Promotions, and More

Sure, if you go to our site and look at the icon for the “50% Sign Up Bonus,” it has a picture of a football player behind it. However, it’s not like our sign up bonus is limited to just betting on football. To be clear, it’s not a bonus for signing up to bet on football; it’s a signing bonus for signing up to bet at BetNow. So, you can get that signing bonus if you bet on the NBA, NHL, World Series or of course, tennis. 

No matter what sport you want to bet on, you’ll be able to utilize all of the BetNow benefits the other sports can. Say you want to bet on tennis, you’ll still be able to bet on those matches whenever you want from wherever you want. You don’t have to be tied to your computer, you can bet anywhere you have an internet connection. You can bet at work, at the gym, in line at the store, or even courtside. Bet on tennis at BetNow from anywhere.