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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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We know that when it comes time to bet on sports online, you have your choice of places. Whether you’re interested in NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA betting or others, there’s no shortage of sites online that you can use. That’s why we’ve built our site to be as responsive as possible to bettors and their lives. That way, you can incorporate your sports betting seamlessly into your life, making things easier on everyone. No matter what you want to bet on, you can do it at our site. 

Bet on Sports Online Wherever You Want 

It can be tough to set aside the time for sports betting the way you want to do it. Most of us want to sit down, be able to look at the players as well as what’s going on, and then make a bet from there. But, one thing that always gets in the way: life. We’re all busy. For many of us, there just isn’t time in the day to sit down at our desktop or laptop and then make an online bet. When we created BetNow, we realized there had to be a better way to do things. 

So, at our site, we’ve made it so that our site is fully mobile-optimized. That means that you can utilize it from just about anywhere. So long as you have an internet connection, you can get the bet down that you want from your mobile device, smartphone and more. You can be on break at your job (you can be working on your job, we’re not your boss, bet when you want). You can bet in line at the post office, bank, or anywhere else. If you have a few minutes to yourself, you have everything that you need to get a bet down on the sports that you want. 

This makes it so that you never miss a game again. Have you ever wanted to bet on a game, only to find that you kind of forget about it? This is just one of the ways that we can help to keep that from happening. You can be in the car, you can even be at the game itself, and as long as you have a moment, you can bet. 

Mobile Optimization 

This makes it so that our site opens completely no matter what, so long as you have an internet connection. If you’ve ever used a site that isn’t mobile optimized, you’ve probably noticed it. Unfortunately, you noticed it because the site didn’t work as you might have hoped. That means that maybe something didn’t load entirely, or there were parts of the site that were inoperable, or something like that. 

That’s not how BetNow works. At our site, the mobile optimization means that if you use it somewhere other than on your desktop or laptop computer, it still loads completely. You can still use everything that it has. Instead of being limited, you have just as much control as you would have if you were at home on your computer. That is, to say, total: that’s the control you have. Total control. 

NBA Betting at Our Site 

With the Super Bowl behind us, betting on the NBA has become one of the most popular parts of our site. Here, you can bet on all of the NBA games that you want. We have every game available, all season long. So, from the opening tip to the championship, you can bet on every single NBA game. 

What separates us from others is that we make it possible to bet on these games in more ways than you might think. For example, you can now bet on sports online throughout the games, too. That means that you aren’t limited to simply betting before the game takes place. Instead, you can also bet as the games are taking place. That means you can bet on who will be ahead at the end of the first half, who will play better in the second half, and so forth. 

NBA games change all of the time. The lead changes can come fast and furious. With our in game betting, you can take advantage of that. We know how much research our players do, how much they love the games that they watch. So, we make it possible to cash in on that. You know who plays better in the first half, and who plays better in the second. With our site, you can use that knowledge to make the big bucks, to make the kinds of bets that are truly exciting. 

Of course, you can do more than just bet on NBA games at our site. You can bet on the MLB, NHL, and so much more, all season long.