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Bet on Sport: Where and When They Might Be

Odds are that you don’t play a professional sport. If you’re in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or any other pro sports league, thanks for reading! However, for the most part,  a strong, strong majority of us are never going to play professionally. That said, it’s not like we’re precluded from the excitement, from the thrill of victory, and yes, the agony of defeat. That’s a major part of wherebetting comes in. That’s why so many of us bet on sport. Yes, we want to win money, but, we also want to win, to compete, to be in the thick of it. Here at BetNow, we can help. 

A Site that Lives Up to Its Name 

We never would’ve called this site “BetNow” if it was slow. Think of how ridiculous that would be. If we’d called the site “BetNow” and, whenever you wanted to bet, you would try, and it just wouldn’t work. Or, it would take everything a long time to load, or something like that. It would be a joke. That kind of thing would be the sports betting website equivalent of the NHL goalie who picks “1” as their number and then gets rocked. 

So, we made sure that our site can back up the name. That means when you come to BetNow, you’ll be able to bet right now. It’s not “Bet Eventually” or “Bet Once Everything Loads, Come On, You Weren’t in a Hurry, Were You?” No, it’s “BetNow,” bet right this moment if you’d like. 

To further live up to that, we’ve made it so that our site can work from practically anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. That the whole point of making it mobile optimized. So, you can bet our site when you’re on the go, when you’re on the run, or anywhere else. You can bet from home, sure, but you can also bet from the park, from the store, from work, from the car (provided you aren’t driving) or anywhere else. We bring the online sportsbook to you. 

Bet on Sport that You Want to Bet 

This hasn’t been the easiest time to be a sports bettor, as you might have noticed. It’s not like we’ve been inundated with live sports options here over the last few months, as so many leagues have been shut down or closed. However, there were always options at BetNow. We know that our folks wanted to bet, so we wanted to be able to give them something to bet on. 

That’s why we had games from all over the world as well as simulated games. Better still: you can bet those today as well. They were so popular and beloved by our people that we didn’t feel like we should take them off just because some of our favorites are coming back. When our bettors like something, we want to give them more of it. That may not sound like a revolutionary thought, but in this industry, it kind of is. 


We don’t want you to use BetNow as a site where you bet on one game or even bet on one sport and then don’t use us again. No, our goal is to establish a relationship. We want to be a site you come to again and again, season after season, year after year. 

To do that, we know we have to offer you the best of everything. That means a site that loads on any device so long as you’re on the internet, sure. But, it also means that you can use this site to bet on the sports that you would like to bet on, too. 

As the NFL returns, as hockey, baseball, and basketball already have, you’ll be able to bet on all of them and more at BetNow. If you have come to appreciate something you could bet on during the pandemic. You’ll be able to continue online betting on it at our site. We have the games you want in the way you want to bet on them. Have a great season(s)!