Bet On NFL and More for a Great Monday Night

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on NFL & More for a Great Monday Night

Monday night. For many, this is the hardest night of the week. After all, you’re the furthest from the weekend. Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, they can feel like they’re almost impossibly far away. However, there is one thing that can elevate any Monday night and make it that much better: Monday Night Football. Monday Night Football has been saving Monday nights for decades. You can bet on NFL games at our site whenever they occur, but Monday Night Football has a special significance. At our site, you can find everything you need to make your Monday nights (as well as any other night of the week) special. 

Bet on NFL: Monday Night Football Here 

Depending on who you believe, there were different reasons for the creation of Monday Night Football. Some say it was made to give the NFL one more way to get in front of fans. Instead of having all of the games on Sunday (and occasionally Thursday) instead, there would be one primetime game, when no other games were. This game would work as a “showcase” game, one in which reputations could be forged. That’s one idea behind Monday Night Football

The other, the one we prefer, feels just as likely: it’s one more opportunity to bet. Moreover, it’s one more time to bet at a time when there’s no other NFL game. While we’re always glad to have players bet on all of the games that happen every Sunday, not everyone bets on every game. That’s understandable. There’s only so much research that a person can do. Hopefully, you win on Sunday, but maybe you didn’t. 

Bet On NFL and More for a Great Monday Night

Monday Night Football – BetNow

That, then, is where Monday Night Football comes in. Here, you have one last chance for the weekend. You have an opportunity to turn everything around. Perhaps you had a great Sunday, winning game after game, bet after bet, and then, with Monday Night Football on tap, you have an opportunity to really cap off the weekend with a huge win. 

Another Chance 

Alternately, perhaps that’s not what happened. Perhaps you didn’t have a great weekend and lost a bit more than you won. Here, Monday Night Football can become even more important. Now, you have a chance to still come out of the weekend with a win. Even after taking it on the chin through the Sunday games, you can be a big winner on the weekend. That is the promise of Monday Night Football: one more opportunity to turn things around. 

We give you all of the opportunities to do just that. At our site, you can find plenty of ways to make the kinds of bets that can put you on top. We know that when you look for somewhere to bet, you want to find the best option for you. That means having the best odds. That’s just one area where we shine. When you come to our site, you’ll find some of the best odds anywhere. We know that you have plenty of places to choose from, but only ours takes the time to build a vig and odds that fit our players. Instead of going with a site that rigs all the odds, or doesn’t update them fully, you want one that gives you the best chance to succeed. That’s where we come in. 

Here at BetNow, you’ll find a way to bet on pro football games that gives you more options. You can bet the point spreads, lines, odds and any of that. But here, you can find all of the props and more that no one else has. Better still, you can even make your own props if you’d like. Have a great Monday night and the rest of the week.