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Bet on NCAAB’s Midwest Bracket

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet ncaa midwest bracket

The Madness is finally upon us. Wear your green (unless, of course, your team is playing one that also wears green) and get out there for the madness. That said, you’ll be able to bet on March Madness games, right here at our site. Today, as it all starts, we’re going to touch on the Midwest bracket, as tightly contested as ever. There are favorites here, sure, but there are also plenty of teams that could have what it takes to step apart from the rest. Good luck to you as you bet NCAA Midwest bracket.

The Favorites

Any bracket that has Kansas has a potential for chalk to carry the day. Indeed, “rock chalk Jayhawk” is something that could absolutely happen here. That’s true for a lot of reasons: this is as loaded a Kansas team as there’s been in some time. They very well have what it takes to not just win the Midwest but to win the entire tournament, should they get out of this bracket.

Potentially keeping them from doing so, of course, are the Auburn Tigers. Auburn is a very good team, deserving of their number two seed. They could be the team that stops Kansas from running away with this bracket. Speaking of big teams from big conferences, you don’t want to rule out Wisconsin, either. As the three, if they can get past Colgate, they’ll be a tough out throughout the bracket as well.

Possible Winners

Providence is here as the four, a good squad that very well could have had a higher seed. They have a chance to make some real noise in this bracket as well as the rest of the tournament. In the always interesting 12 and 5 matchup, Iowa takes on Richmond. These are two teams that, in one form or another, have had real success in the tournament before. As ever, this is one matchup where upsets can happen all of the time. How do you see this one going?

What makes this bracket particularly unique is that there are plenty of big name teams, big colleges that you’ve heard of that are just in the middle of the pack. For example, this is a bracket that has LSU playing against Iowa State. Additionally, you’ll have the USC Trojans taking on Miami of Florida. Now, that’s usually a big matchup if it were to occur in football, but it’ll be pretty big here as well.

The Upsets and More

Yes, for so many, Kansas is going to be the favorite here. But, that can be all the more reason to bet big if you don’t think they’re going to make it. After all, if you can come up with a perfect bracket, you want to be able to bet that in as many places as possible. So, if you know that Creighton isn’t just going to beat San Diego State, but that they’re going to make a real run throughout the tournament, now is the time to do so.

That’s true of this bracket and every other. As the tournament begins, this is the one time when everyone’s bracket is great, when they have a real chance to be the big winner. Of course, don’t forget that you don’t just have to bet college basketball games through the brackets. You can bet them individually at our site, too. That way, you can win throughout the games, throughout the tournament, no matter what happens with a bracket. You can do all of this right now at our site.