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Bet on NCAA Football for Real at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on NCAA Football

It might seem impossible. You might not believe it. But, you really can bet on college football at BetNow. To reiterate, just in case you didn’t believe what you were reading: you can bet on NCAA football right now at BetNow. And, the games will probably even be played! That’s no small thing in this cultural moment we’re in, where the virus has caused any number of sports and events to be canceled. But, as long as college football is played, you’ll be able to bet on it at BetNow. 

Bet on NCAA Football This Week 

Depending on when you read this, there might even be college football games going on during your night. As hard as that is to believe, it really is true. For example, on Thursday 9/3, South Alabama will play Southern Mississippi. Now, Southern Miss is a big favorite, (as of this writing, by more than 14 points) but the point is, it’s college football. These games are happening. 

Besides, maybe they aren’t going to go that way. Imagine kicking off the college football season, the first football in a very long time with a big upset win. After all, if there’s one thing we should have learned during this time it’s that you really can’t predict the future. You can’t be 100% sure about what’s going to happen next in life. All you can do is your research, look into things, and then put yourself in the best position to win, to make real money. That’s what you can do here at BetNow. 

The games continue on Saturday as well. That’s when you’ll start seeing more games from programs that you might be more familiar with. For example, SMU, Army, Middle Tennessee State, Texas State, they’re all playing in these games. When there are lines available on some of the other games, you’ll be able to bet on those at BetNow, too. 

Games All Season Long 

September 12th. That’s the day when things really get going. Sure, there are games before that, big games, with programs you’ve heard of (such as the Miami Hurricanes). But, on September 12th, college football in (most of) its splendor returns for real. ACC ball is happening (hopefully) all day long. Syracuse. North Carolina. Georgia Tech. Florida State. Clemson. Wake Forest. Louisville. Duke and yes, for the purposes of this (and since the Big 10 seems to not be playing) Notre Dame. 

That’s just September 12th. By that point, we should have seen whether or not big time college football is going to be able to be played this year (keep your fingers crossed). Of course, as long as any football, college, or otherwise is played, you’ll be able to bet it nonstop at BetNow. 

Bet on NCAA Football in Multiple Ways

If you go to our site and look at how we have it all laid out, you’ll see that you’ll have any number of ways to bet online on NCAAF. Sure, you can bet on the point spread. During these early games, those can be quite large. After all, many of these are as close as any program will get to a “preseason” game. 

So, the bigger programs are still in a position where they might want to start with a so-called “lesser team” from another conference. It’s a good start for them while giving the other school quite a payday. But! As you know if you’ve watched college football for any length of time, one team’s “preseason” is another’s “Super Bowl.” 

Upsets in these games happen far more often than they used to. Games that “were won on recruiting day” now become pitched battles that could go either way. Of course, since this is BetNow, you can bet on the NCAA football quarters, too. 

So, if you believe that one team, a big underdog, maybe is going to come out strong, you can win some real money doing so. Maybe a big program starts slow in the first quarter, perhaps one of those big recruit QBs, making his first start or so, doesn’t have such a great start or know the playbook yet, so it takes them a quarter to get going. You could win. You can always win at BetNow.