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Bet on NBA Potential Playoff Matchups and More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on NBA Potential Playoff

The time to bet on NBA potential playoff games is now. Of course, the time to bet on these games was in the past, as well as in the future. The truth is that NBA betting is great all season long. The playoffs aren’t far from now, so these games have a special significance. Of course, they all have significance – they’re the NBA. At BetNow, you can bet all of the best NBA games from the beginning of the season till they crown a champion and everywhere in between. 

Bet on NBA Potential Playoff Matchups 

We’ve got some big NBA games coming right up. For example, we’ve got two potential NBA Finals matchups. One of them takes place in the East, with the Suns heading to Atlanta to play the Hawks. While in the past, it might have sounded a bit far-fetched for these two teams to play for a championship, it could absolutely happen. By that same token, if these two teams want to play for the biggest prize in a few months’ time, winning now and getting a better position atop their conferences absolutely could help. 

That said, this game is far from the only potential Finals matchup that occurs today. We’ve also got the New York Knicks and the Nuggets. Now, neither of those teams is exactly in first place in their conference. But, they are probably going to make the playoffs. Indeed, every year, it’s just about getting in and playing well when you do so. Look at Miami last year. It stands to reason that either of these teams could get hot (or both of them) and then they ride that all the way to the biggest stage. Do you see it happening? Who do you have in this one? 

Bet on Games With Teams Fighting to Get In 

That said, we’ve got games between some favorites in their respective conferences as well as teams that are fighting to get into the playoffs and stay there. The truth is that these games mean so much. For teams that are on the periphery, it’s obvious, but for teams that are towards the top of the conference, they want to stay there. Home court is going to mean something, so it’s very valuable. 

One such game is the Wizards and Bucks in the East. Yes, the Wizards have their work cut out for them to get into the playoffs. However, it’s far from impossible. That said, if they do get in, they very well could face a powerhouse like the Bucks in the first round. Winning this game for the Wiz could help in multiple ways. That said, the Bucks want to get ahead of the Sixers, be the top team in the East. Losing this game certainly isn’t going to help that. 

Another great example of this comes from the Western Conference. There, the Spurs play the Jazz. The Spurs, as of this moment, would be on the outside of the playoffs. But, winning a game against a tough, tough Utah team could give them the opportunity to maybe climb back into the race. We really are at the point where every game is so important for multiple reasons. 

Playing Out (and Winning) the String 

You might have read the above and thought: “well, OK, but there are games that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.” Yes, they do. They all matter. If you bet NBA online, they certainly matter. 

Sure, the Cavs might not be highly motivated to take on the Blazers, or the Wolves could phone it in against the Grizz. Or, alternatively, they could have a good matchup, the other team maybe doesn’t take them so seriously, and an upset occurs. That’s how sports work. If you’ve got a feeling about what’s going to happen, you can bet it right now at BetNow.