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Bet on NBA Online Through the Regular Season and the Playoffs

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on NBA Online

Any other year, this is the off-season in the NBA. We’d be talking about free agency, trades, who went where, who’s the big favorites for next year, and so forth. Plus, we’d be looking back on who won, how, the MVP, whether they could make another run, and all of that. Of course, this isn’t just any year. This is a weird year, to say the least. So, to commemorate that, you’ll be able to bet on  NBA online all year long here at our online betting site. That means that you’ll get in the rest of the regular season as well as the playoffs, when they arrive. 

Bet on NBA Online for the Rest of the Regular Season 

The NHL went right into a “Qualifying” round for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, for the teams that didn’t have one of the best records. That way, the teams that might have made a run to get into the playoffs still have a chance. (Granted, that comes by knocking off a team that had a better year during a five game series) but still, it’s a chance. The NBA didn’t do that. 

Instead, the NBA had the idea that they would continue to play the regular season. The idea was to play out more of the regular season, and then take the NBA playoffs from there. So, as if this writing, the regular season is still going on. Yes, it’s not the same as any other regular season, of course (for reasons beyond the fact it’s taking place in early August). 

The regular season still has almost two weeks to it. That means that you can still get in these bets on NBA games. Just as the teams that are right outside of qualifying for the playoffs are hanging on, so too can you get some bets in on these games before the playoffs arrive. 

The NBA Playoffs Start August 17th 

When the playoffs finally get here, they’re going to stick around for a while. It might seem weird to think about at this point, but it really does look like we have a chance to get the entire NBA playoffs in. Moreover, they’ll go on just as long as they would have in the early summer, too. The NBA Playoffs, when they arrive, will be with us for a while. 

What makes that so great, of course is that it means we’ll have more basketball. You’ll be able to watch these games and bet them at our site. You’ll be able to bet them in the manner with which you’re accustomed, too: that means you can bet the NBA Odds, the money line, the point spread, and so much more. 

Of course, as it’s the NBA, we have more bets than just that. You can bet on who is ahead at the end of the quarter, the half, the third quarter, and even the end of the game. We give you more opportunities to win throughout the game, so that you have all the more chances to succeed. 

You can even bet on the Futures, too. Say, you don’t know if one team is going to win a game by five points, or if they’ll be ahead at the end of the third quarter. But, you do know in your heart that they’re going to win the championship. Then, you can bet that at our Futures section and win big money (as well as some rather intense bragging rights) 

Betting on Basketball As Long As there’s Basketball 

Whether the season ends tomorrow or on the  last day of the season (which is October 13th) then you’ll be able to bet it here at BetNow. Additionally, you’ll be able to bet on all of the NBA2K games, WNBA, and so much other basketball at our site as well. Where basketball is played and people are betting on it, you’ll probably find a way to bet on it at BetNow. Here’s to you and your bets throughout the NBA season!