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Bet on NBA Games 2021 No Matter What

Spring has sprung. The grass is green, the air is warm, and man has turned his attention to one thing: March Madness. However, that’s far from the only kind of basketball available right now. In fact, the NBA is still going strong. As ever, you’re able to bet on NBA games 2021 right here at BetNow. We want to be able to provide the best betting experience possible no matter what season, what’s going on, or anything like that. So, we’ll take you through some NBA games that are right around the corner just to show you what’s going on. Remember: there’s always more NBA games at BetNow. 

Bet on NBA Games 2021 Finals Preview 

When the best teams play each other, you pay attention. Sure, it’s late March, but the playoffs are closer than you might think. Should two teams who are towards the top of their respective conferences play each other, it’s hard not to let your mind wander to a time, not all that far from now, when they might be playing for something bigger on the line. 

Such a game is dead ahead, when Brooklyn travels to Utah. These two long-suffering fan bases could have a chance to do something special this year. Each is right near the top of their respective conferences, so it’s difficult not to think about what could be. This is the kind of game that could send a message, that could be the kind of thing that someone circles on their calendar and then looks back on in a few months. 

Games That Could be Playoff Previews 

Of course, that dream matchup between the Jazz and the Nets wouldn’t occur until the Finals. There would be a lot of NBA games until then. We have some potential playoff matchups within the respective conferences coming up tonight, too. For example, we have the LA Clippers traveling to Texas to play the Spurs. The Clips are a six point favorite in this one, but it’s hard to ever truly count out the Spurs, especially in a big game. 

On the Eastern side of things, there is another potential playoff matchup in the wings: Boston heading to Milwaukee. These two teams very well could meet late in the Eastern Conference playoffs, possibly with the winner going on to the Finals. That said, there’s a lot of basketball to be played between now and then, so these teams are going to want to come out strong and stay in their respective playoff positions (if not climb). 

Anything Can Happen 

One of the main reasons we watch sports is because anything can happen. “On any given night” could very well be the motto of the NBA, because you never know what you’re going to get. The favorites, even heavy favorites, don’t always win. A great example of this is the game between the Phoenix Suns and the Orlando Magic. 

The Magic are not having a great NBA season. They might still be able to make a run to the playoffs, but it won’t be easy. That said, however, anything can happen. Maybe the Suns, seeing this is a non-conference game against a team they’re probably much better than, take the night off. Perhaps the Magic go on a run, some calls go their way, etc. — anything can happen. That’s true every night in the NBA. Is this the night? 

Time is Now 

Speaking of teams that have to be asking “Is this the night,” the Thunder play the Grizzlies. As of this writing, neither team would probably make the playoffs in the Western Conference. So, that makes just about every game here a playoff game for each of them. If they want to extend their season, then they have to win games like this. The loser of this game very well could point to it later on and say “that’s why we didn’t get in.” 

That said, the last thing we ever want our bettors to do is to look at a game and say: “I would’ve won if I would’ve bet online.” That’s why we make it so easy to bet on these games and any others. Good luck to you throughout the season!