Bet on NBA Basketball Here When It Arrives

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on NBA Basketball

With any luck, the NBA will be here before you know it. As of this writing, on July 9th, the NBA will be back on Thursday the 30th. That may not happen. It may seem impossible. But, a big part of sports (and betting on sports) is that it isn’t over until it’s over. You gotta believe up until the moment that all hope is lost. That’s why we have point spreads, odds, and more on the upcoming NBA games, you can bet on NBA basketball at our site. 

Thursday, July 30th Games

Imagine it: these games actually occur. After everything that’s happened since March, after all that we’ve all had to go through around the world, NBA games actually happen. If that’s true, then we’ll have the betting you need on that first game, Jazz “at” Pelicans. New Orleans would technically be the home team for this game, although the game would (in all likelihood) be far from New Orleans, instead of in the Disney World situation there. 

That wouldn’t be the end of basketball betting that night. You’d also be able to bet on the other game, the Battle of Los Angeles far east of Los Angeles. The Clippers would be “at” the Lakers, with all of the betting on this game, too. 

You’ll be able to find all of the lines and more that you would want for these games as they get closer. This is just what we’re offering now; things will change as the games get closer. 

Bet on NBA Basketball: A Responsive Betting Site During an Uncertain Time 

It may sound a bit silly to say this at this point in time, but sports can really change so fast right now. That’s going to be especially true when they all come back. For example, say that the NBA does come back, and the first game is going to be the Jazz against the Pelicans. 

Then, that morning, they test the teams, and it turns out most of the starting lineup for one team or the other has COVID-19. They don’t have symptoms, thankfully, they’re perfectly OK, but, they have the virus. That means that they can’t play, obviously. That would also do quite a number on the line, as well. 

A lesser site, one that doesn’t update as often as we do or have the staff that we do, might just give you the same line. So, you’d be betting on a line or odds that have nothing to do with reality anymore. Or, alternatively (but just as uselessly) they might just shift the odds too much one way or the other. 

Perhaps they just give one team a point or take it away from the other. Instead of putting real analysis to it, they just “throw something up.” That’s not what we do. 

A Site that Lets you Bet on NBA Basketball Games and More the Right Way 

When the action changes at our site, when things on the ground occur that can alter a game, we make sure it’s incorporated into our odds properly. That means we think it out entirely and then put it down. That way, you get the line that most says what’s going to happen. That’s the most fair way to do things for players like yourself, people who look at the games and do their research. 

We know that when it comes to sites to bet on sports online, whether they’re the NBA or anything else, you have plenty of options. That’s why we do everything we can to make BetNow the best online sportsbook site. When the NBA comes back, when all of the sports do, you’ll be able to bet them right here. We’ll see you for the NBA season as well as beyond (and before!)