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Bet on National Basketball if You Know What Surprises are Next

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet on national basketball

For a season with more than 80 games, the NBA season sure seems to pack in a lot of changes. Seemingly every game allows for things to change completely, in terms of how players or even teams are viewed. Coming into December, there are things we know about the NBA season and plenty more that we’re still finding out. If you think you know where the league is heading next, you can bet on National Basketball games as well as futures here at BetNow. 

Bet on National Basketball Futures Here  

Sure, most of us figured the Lakers were going to be better this year. LeBron would be more fully ensconced in LA in his second year, plus he would have Anthony Davis by his side. Many wondered if bringing Dwight Howard back into the fold was a good move. However, so far, it’s worked out for the Lake Show. With one of the NBA’s best records, they’re well on pace to restore their name after a few down years. Obviously, all of this is said with the caveat of “it’s December.” 

Do you think the Lakers are going to continue to coast to the divisional title? Or maybe even the conference title? Then you can get a bet down on that right now. We don’t mean that you can bet on Lakers to win their next game (Although, you can do that too). What we mean is you can bet on NBA team or another to win their division, conference, or the championship. We do this because it’s a way of rewarding players who are willing to bet when less is known, giving them a chance to win more and more. 

Yes, you can bet on who’s going to win each of those things right before they happen: you can bet on someone to win their division right before they clinch, or you can bet on them to win a series when they’re up three games to none or something like that, absolutely. However, you may be able to get better odds now. If you bet now, you’ll give yourself a better chance for a payoff. 

Betting on the Futures Early can Help

There’s something to be said for “getting out in front of the bandwagon.” The later you get on a bandwagon, the less you may end up winning. Like so much else in life, it can pay to do your research. For example, many thought that the Raptors would take a step back this season. Yes, they are the defending champions. However, they’ve lost players from that championship team, not the least of which was the playoff MVP. 

However, if you look at the Raptors today, they’re right where we left them: in the thick of it. They’re highly competitive in the Eastern Conference, with one of the best records. They may be doing it with players who aren’t exactly household names in many cases, but they’re doing it. There’s still plenty of time to get a bet down that the Raptors are going to win their division, the Eastern Conference, or even repeat as champions. However, if you were to have bet that before the season and it comes to pass, you might even have won more money, depending on the odds. As events change so too do Futures odds. 

Of course, to look back at the last paragraph, the keyword might be “today.” As of today, it’s early December. The Raptors have a great record with a (largely) no-name lineup now. That’s not to say that it will always stay that way, or that they’ll be able to sustain this over the course of a grueling NBA season. Perhaps they’ll fall back to Earth, and someone else will take the division. You can get a bet down on that at BetNow, too. 

Betting All Season Long 

Part of what makes the NBA season so much fun is that you’re going to see something incredible pretty much every single night. With some of the best baseball averages being around 300, that means that you have about a one-in-three chance to see your favorite baseball player get a hit.

However, even in a dull NBA game, where one team is comfortably ahead and stays that way, you’re still likely to see amazing dunks, incredible passes, long-distance shots, and so much more. At BetNow, you can bet on National Basketball games, quarter by quarter. That way, you can enjoy the games even more, as you’re winning all throughout the game. To see what we have to offer for NBA bettors, just head over to best betting site.