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Bet on MLB: The “Grand Salami” of Them All

There’s nothing like a Grand Slam. You can feel it building in the stadium when there’s three guys on base. If you’re in the home stadium, you almost don’t want to mention it out loud for fear of jinxing it. That said, if the other team has three guys on base, you definitely don’t want to think about it. You’re thinking about how the play is at home, maybe giving up one run on a fly ball, that kind of thing. Really, every lineup is almost always expressly designed to put the best home run hitter up fourth in hopes of setting up a grand slam. We have a “Grand Salami” way to bet on MLB as well as so much more at our site. 

Bet on MLB the “Grand Salami” Way 

You know we’re always interested in finding you more ways to bet on the sports that you love. That’s true in all of the sports, all of the time. However, we’re definitely interested in finding unique ways for you to bet that you may not have done before. 

As so many sports are trying new things at this time, so too are we trying new things as well. That’s why (as of this writing) you can bet on the “Grand Salami” for each game. That means that we don’t list the pitchers, but you’re just betting on more home runs or away runs for a series of games. 

This requires you to get a lot of things right. But, it can also be an absolute blast, too. You’re going from one game to the next, keeping track of the scores, who has what, how they got there, etc. it can lead to a  truly massive payoff at the end of the night. Of course, remember, each game must go 8 and a half innings or more. (This makes sense, as it’s a thing about totals, and one if doesn’t go the entire nine innings, then it sort of throws everything off.) Of course, there are more traditional ways to bet on baseball games, too. 

Betting on Baseball in the Way that you Want

It’s important to note that, as we experiment with new ideas and new ways of betting, it’s not like the old ways are going away. We’re just building on them. Think of the ways that you like to bet on sports as a foundation. Well, we’re just making some new on top of that, trying to find new and even more fun, better ways for you to enjoy the sports that you love. 

So, at our site, you can always get a bet down how you would like. That means that you can bet on the odds, the over, the under, the money line, the point spread, and more. Through a few weeks of these baseball games, we have found that (despite some real health scares) these are real baseball games. The players are taking them seriously. We are going to get in some kind of season it looks like. That means that you’ll be able to bet this all season long as our site. 

That’s true through the regular season as well as the playoffs, too, should we get there. 

Grand Salami: All the Betting You Want, How You Want It 

When we talk about “ways to bet on these games,” we mean it in terms of the way you’re putting your money up, too. At our site, we take Bitcoin. We make it so that when you put your money in your account with us. You can get your winnings and money back as fast as you want. We aim to be the place that you come to bet on baseball. Sure but also to bet on all of the other sports that you might be interested in, too. 

BetNow was designed to be just that. A place where you can bet on sports, well, now. On whatever kinds of sports are going on anywhere in the world at this particular moment. Have a great baseball season as well as every other one, too!