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Bet On MLB Playoffs, NBA Finals, and So Much More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet On MLB Playoffs

We’ll never see a time like this again in sports. That’s good, in a lot of ways (hopefully, we never have to go through so many games without fans again. But, it also means that we won’t have a lot of sports that we’re interested in going on at these same times, too. After all, it’s not like we’ve been able to, in our lifetimes, flip from an NFL game to the NBA Finals before. This may not be the greatest time in the history of our world, for a massive understatement. But, there has probably never been a better time to bet on MLB playoffs, bet on NBA Finals, and more at BetNow. 

Bet on MLB Playoffs Here 

The Yankees beat the Rays in the latest game (as of this writing) but Gerrit Cole, while amazing, can’t pitch every day. So, the Rays are going to have their chance in this series. Do you see them coming back? After all, it’s not like they have to deal with Yankee Stadium. The Yankees have done so much in baseball history, but now they’re playing at Petco Park, where things are a little bit different than NYC. 

The As and Astros do not need to be introduced to each other. As of this writing, we have the As as slight favorites, but hey, anything can happen (as this year proves). The Astros may not be the AL juggernaut they’ve been in past years, but all that experience has to count for something. Regardless of how they’ve won in the past, they have done their share of winning. Can this be the year the As finally put it all together? 

Moving to the National League, there are a few names that perhaps we didn’t expect to see when this season began. The Braves? No, we thought they’d be good. The Dodgers? Of course. They’ve been the National League champions, for, well, what feels like forever. The Padres and Marlins, however, probably weren’t in many folks’ picks for the final group of the NL. Yet, here they are, with a real chance to see where things can go from here. It’d be hard to count them out of the NLDS since they’ve gone this far. Sure, they don’t have the rosters of their opponents, but they can pull this out. 

Betting on NBA Finals 

While baseball races towards the World Series, the NBA is already at its final round. Speaking of surprises in sports, the Miami Heat have been a very pleasant one. As a fifth seed, no one necessarily took them all that seriously as an Eastern Conference contender until there was literally no one left for them to beat in the East. 

Of course, as they’re finding in the Finals, Bron and the Lakers are something else. The Heat fell down two games to none but then clawed back to avoid the dreaded three games to none disadvantage. The Heat have been proving people wrong all offseason. Can they do it again? Do they have one more big upset (and what would be the biggest one yet) in them? 

Oh Yeah: Football 

One thing you can count on for this time every year: football. The NFL and college football are going strong. Hopefully, by the time you read this, more and more people are able to be entirely safely let into stadiums. But, luckily, it does look like the games are going to continue. So, as ever, the week starts with Thursday Night Football, one of those unique matchups, an old NFC Central one: Bucs at Bears. Brady going to Chicago.  

Home teams always get a good line on Thursday Night Football. It may change, but as of this writing, the Bucs are favored by 4.5. How’s that line look to you? After Brady had the big comeback against the Chargers on Sunday, it felt like old times. But, with Foles at the helm for the Bears, it could feel like old times then, too: namely, the Super Bowl where Foles beat the Pats. Who you got this week?