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Bet on March Madness 2020 at the BetNow SportsBook

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on March Madness 2020

When March Madness arrives, it basically takes over everything else. For a few weekends in March, little else in sports matters. Sure, there’s plenty of NBA and NHL games. There’s spring training baseball on, if you’re into that sort of thing. But, they call it “Madness” not just because it’s alliterative, but because it’s so easy to get swept up in. The weekends of these games are some of the biggest anywhere. You can bet on March Madness 2020 right here at our BetNow sportsbook. We have many ways for you to get your madness on. 

Great Way to Bet on March Madness 2020: Bracket Madness

Everyone’s filled out a bracket. You don’t even need to have seen a college basketball game in your life before filling out a bracket. If you’re like so many of us, you filled out your first bracket when you were a small child, possibly when one of your parents was involved in a March Madness pool at work. Here at BetNow, it works just as it always has everywhere else. Except that is, of course, for one big catch: here, you can win $500,000. 

That’s’ right, with our Bracket Madness, you can win half a million dollars. That’s quite a bit more than your office pool. You do it just like you would everywhere else. Just fill out the bracket, and you’re good to go. However, with that kind of prize money, it’s going to be competitive. Folks are going to know about it. So, you have to be on your game and get these games right. 

That said, this is one of those “the greater the challenge, the greater the reward” kind of things. At BetNow, you have a chance to truly win a lot of money with your knowledge of college basketball. When you have a bracket that you get right, you deserve to be paid for that. Instead of having the perfect bracket and only getting a few bucks for it, we want to reward those bettors whose brackets never really busted. Of course, that said, going with Bracket Madness is far from the only way to bet March Madness at our site. 

A Sports Book that Lets you Bet Throughout the Games 

For many of us, in our modern era, we tune into these March Madness games when we can. Sure, if you’re able to sit down and watch the games from start to finish, maybe you do that. That’s certainly the kind of thing that a person should do once in their life at least. However, for many of us who work during the day or night, that’s not really an option. So, we try to tune in when we can. Maybe you catch the first half of one game, the second of another, and so forth. It’s great just to be a part of the madness. 

Realizing that, we made a way so that more people can bet during the madness. After all, if you’ve put together a bracket, sure, you’ve seen every game that’s going to be played. But, few brackets have the lines on them. They don’t tell you what the odds are, point spread is, and so forth. At our site, you can bet on all of these games, just as you would bet on college basketball games all throughout the season. Nothing changes about that just because it’s the madness, of course. 

What that means is that you’ll be able to bet throughout the games, too. So, you can bet on the first half, and who’s going to be ahead. You can bet on who will win the second half. Unlike the bracket, you don’t have to bet on who’s going to win the game itself outright. Sure, you can bet that – but you can bet on so much else as well. 

Before and Beyond the Madness

Before the madness cranks up, there’s plenty of college basketball to go. You can bet on all of the games right at our site. That means that you can bet on big conferences, small conferences, and so forth. As of this writing, the conference play is really heating up. This is where teams are making their resumes that say they should go to the tournament, as they gear up for the final chance to prove themselves: the conference tournament. We’ll have those games as well as our site. And, not just for the big conferences, either: yes, we’ll have them, but we’ll include the mid-majors as well. 

By researching and betting on these games, you can be better prepared when the Madness comes around. That way, you’ll have a leg up on those who haven’t done the work when it comes time to fill out brackets and make bets.