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Bet Football Teams on Monday Night and Saturday Night

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Football teams

Monday Night Football doesn’t last as long as the other days of football do. During the entire season, there are football games on Sunday. For much of the season (including, almost always with some rare exceptions, the first game) there are football games on Thursday night. Once the college regular season wraps up, there are football games on Saturdays. But, Monday Night Football ends during week 16 of the regular season. In fact, as this is being written, the Steelers are warming up for their week 15 Monday night game in the Jungle in Cincinnati. So, there’s just one opportunity left to bet Monday Night Football. But, there are always opportunities to bet on football teams at BetNow. 

Bet on Football Teams on One More Monday Night 

Monday Night Football, as you may know, used to be a true ratings juggernaut. In the 80s, 90s, and a bit longer, it would dwarf so many other shows. Then, while the popularity of the NFL exploded, Monday Night Football’s ratings would suffer. This happened to the point where the Sunday Night Game became, in the eyes of the public, a bigger deal. There’s a reason for that: they could flex out the Sunday Night games. 

So, later in the season, if there was a game that was supposed to be a big game when the schedule was made but was no longer such, it could be “flexed out” for a game that was. You’ve seen this a million times, of course. To the point where that last Sunday night game of the regular season is almost invariably some kind of nigh-playoff game, where if one team wins they move on, etc. 

Monday Night Football, of course, with the schedules and all that, can’t do that. If two teams are scheduled on Monday night, they have to play Monday night. (Sure, as we’ve learned this year, you could move them to Tuesday or Wednesday or something, but no one wants that.) This is a lot of preamble to get to the point where we could talk about how the game next week between the Buffalo Bills and the Pats may have been “flexed out” if it were Sunday night, but can’t as it’s Monday night. That said, it’s still a great opportunity to bet online. If you’ve lost all throughout the weekend (or you’re looking for a way to go out on top) you can bet this game and win. 

Week 16 Football

The action kicks off Friday afternoon, as the Vikings head to New Orleans. The Saints are looking to get back on the winning track after losing their potential Super Bowl showdown game to the Chiefs at home. The Vikings may not be as good as the Chiefs or the Saints. But, as they’ve shown over the last few months they aren’t a pushover, either. This could be a night game. Who do you got? 

Other big games this coming weekend include the Rams heading to Seattle. The Rams had what could be seen as maybe the worst loss of the Goff era (certainly the worst since his rookie season). As they lost to Gang Green for their first win of the season. Now, they go to Seattle in a game that’s tough no matter how many fans are in attendance. Is this where Seattle asserts themselves? Or, do the Rams get things back on track? 

There isn’t a lot of time left for these teams to make their moves. The same goes for the bettors, too. If you’ve been looking to make a splash this season, now’s the time to do it. As ever, you can bet all of these games (as well as the playoffs to come) here at BetNow.