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Bet on Basketball Games as the Playoffs Heat Up

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Basketball games

It was one thing when it seemed like the playoffs might not happen. Remember just a few months ago (or, what feels like several years ago now) when it seemed like there wasn’t going to be any basketball or even live sports? Players couldn’t stay in the bubble, no one seemed to know what was happening, etc.? Well, we’re past all of that now. The playoffs in the NBA are in full swing. That means you can bet on basketball games throughout the playoffs at our sports betting site

Bet on Basketball Games Series like the Mavs vs. Clippers 

The NBA is in a really great place right now, metaphorically speaking, where so many teams are good. Sure, there are teams that are going to be better than the others, but there’s more or less a reason to watch just about any team. No team feels really and truly “hopeless,” like a dead franchise, with no chance whatsoever. 

Not all that long ago, “hopeless” would have been a kind way to express the Clippers. A generation before that, (for those of you old enough to remember) the Mavericks were quite bad as well. Now, all of that’s done with. These are two of the more exciting teams in the NBA to watch. When you see this series, there very much is a feeling of “this could be the next generation.” Of course, that excludes the fact that it very well could be “the now.” 

After all, the winner of this series might get hot, go on a run, and shock the world. Let’s be honest here: that would be one of the less shocking things to have occurred this year. These are two good teams playing a great series in the bubble in the first round. As of this writing, it’s tied at two. It won’t stay that way for long. 

What Do You Believe? 

How do you believe the 2020 NBA playoffs betting are going to go from here on out? No matter what you believe, we’ve got a way for you to bet on what you think is going to happen. For example, Thunder and Rockets is a tight series right now. Again, two teams that might seem like their best days are either ahead of them or behind them, but not exactly right at this moment. Whoever emerges from this series has a chance to shock the world, so to speak. 

The favorites, as of this writing, are doing what the favorites tend to do (but not always do), and that’s “win.” The Lake Show is up three games to one on a budding Blazers team. If you believe the LA Lakers are going to go all the way this year (which quite a few of you do) then it’s OK to get on that train now. Of course, should you believe that we won’t have to wait for another round for someone to shock the world, the Blazers are here right now as well. 

The Bucks in the “East” (the quotation marks feel appropriate as none of these teams are outside of the Eastern time zone as they’re in Florida) are up 3-1 as most of us thought. (The only thing we might not have thought was the “one.”) 

The playoffs are continuing. The first round will heat up. Teams can lose when they’re 3-1 all of the time (you can probably think of some famous examples off of the top of your head right now). It’ll happen again, too.If you believe it will, there’s no better time to get a bet down. 

Bet on Basketball Games: BetNow for the Rest of the Playoffs 

We have “NBA Futures” betting, too, if you just want to skip to who the champion is. Maybe you know in your heart who’s going to win, and want to get the best odds possible before it becomes a fait accompli. No matter what you want to bet or how you want to bet it, you’ll be able to do so right here at our site. Here’s the best to you, your team, and your bets throughout the 2020 NBA playoffs and beyond!