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Bet on Basketball 2021 Down the Stretch

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Basketball 2021

About a month and a half. That’s how much time remains in the NBA season. Then, the playoffs start. It’s not a lot of time. It’s really not that much time at all. In fact, it could go really fast. The truth is if you want to make a move, now is the time. Not later. Now. You’re almost out of time, in fact. But, there is still time enough to do something. That said, the games are getting short. If you’re going to do it, if you’re going to make a move, it has to be now. Of course, if you’re going to bet on basketball 2021, you can wait till the playoffs. Or, you can take advantage of the opportunities right now here at BetNow. 

NBA Finals Rematch 

That’s perhaps the big game of the day here. The Lakers head to Miami to play the Heat in a game that’s a rematch of the Finals played in the bubble. Of course, quite a bit has changed since then. Wracked by injuries, the Lakers have faltered a bit from where they were, but are still right in the thick of the Western playoff race. 

By that same token, the Heat hasn’t fallen off the face of the Earth, either. While they haven’t exactly run away with the Eastern Conference by any means, they’re good. They’re right in the thick of that morass of teams in the East, where they could finish anywhere from 4th to 9th. Of course, at 9th, they aren’t in the NBA playoffs

What we’re saying is that this is a big game for both teams. Sure, it’s not as big as the games in the Finals. But, they’re big games nonetheless. Lose one of these, and your chances decrease of being able to get to represent your conference again in the Finals. Sure, the way these conferences are aligned right now, both of these teams are probably going to the playoffs. But, winning this game makes it that much easier. 

Bet on Basketball 2021 Between Western Heavies 

Much of the big action on this Thursday in the NBA is between some of the better teams in the conference. For example, the Suns, on their winning streak, go to LA to play the Clippers. This is one of those matchups that very well could be a foreshadowing of what the eventual Western Conference final looks like. As of this writing, the Clippers are favored by five points at home. Who do you have in this one? Do the Clips pull it out? Or does the Suns run continue? 

Elsewhere in the West, we get another matchup between two teams that could end up playing each other for the right to represent the Western Conference in the Finals. Portland goes to Utah, for a big game between two of the better teams in the West. The Jazz have been on top of the West more or less since the season started. Yet, there’s been a bit of a feeling about them as to whether or not they’re for real. 

Portland is one of those teams with real star power, a team that, even if they might not have the best top to bottom roster, is someone that you really can’t rule out. Their record reflects that. We have the Jazz as favored by seven at home. How do you see it? Do you see the Jazz covering this line, and continuing their dominance as one of the best teams in the West? Or, do you see Portland going on a run here that could be a sign of bigger things to come? 

Speaking of “bigger things to come,” that’s what you’re going to get here at BetNow. Between the NBA, NHL, and now MLB, we’ve got sports coming to you all year long.  This is going to be an amazing summer here at the best sports betting website, BetNow, and good luck to you throughout the season(s)!