Best Online Betting for the All Star Game

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet on baseball’s All Star Game

Have you been looking for a place to bet on baseball’s All Star Game? Are you tired of betting the same old same old year in and year out? Those are just some of the reasons that so many folks find their way to BetNow. Here, you can find the best online betting for every sport in every season. One particular case of that: the All Star Game. It means so much more than it used to and has for just about twenty years. 

These games count. Long gone are the days that the biggest deal in the All Star Game was whether or not Pete Rose was going to or should have slid. Instead, this game determined home field in the World Series (whether it should or not). It matters to the players and it matters to the bettors. Now, you can bet with the big boys here at BetNow. 

Baseball Betting the All Star Game 

How do you see the All Star Game shaping up? Betting the All Star Game is a bit tough because it’s not like you’re used to seeing these players in these contexts. After all, it’s not like either of these teams are bad. Instead, they’re the very best of the best- but, they haven’t played with (or against) each other all that much. Thus, it makes for a unique betting opportunity. 

That said, if you really know what you’re doing, and have the right research (or feeling) about it, you can make some real money. We give you the opportunity to do exactly that at our site. Case in point: our handicappers have crunched all of the numbers that could possibly be crunched, and we’ve come to one conclusion: the National League should be favored. 

That doesn’t mean that we automatically think the National League is the better league, or that a team from the NL is going to win the World Series or anything of that nature. What it does mean is that, after having looked at the two rosters, we’ve got the National League as a 1.5-run favorite. You’ll note that isn’t a lot. We see it as a close game. How do you see it? 

How to Bet All Star Game for Baseball?

You don’t have to bet just the point spread, of course. In fact, there are plenty of other ways to bet it at our site, too. For example, we’ve got the over/under of eight. That’s lower than you might think with this level of offensive firepower. But, for some, it might be high, if you think about the sheer talent that’s going to be throwing on the mound, too. So, how do you see it going? 

Remember, it just takes one bad pitch, one great hitter making one great hit to send that number way, way over eight. That said, with these pitchers (and the way these games have been going) it might stay under 8, too. You can also bet the odds, which have the National League at -112 and the American League at +102. Again, we see it as a close game, two evenly matched teams going at it. 

Bet on Baseball’s All Star Game: Best Online Betting All Star Game Props 

Yes. This game determines home field and yes, it’s a big betting opportunity. But, perhaps more so than any other game on the schedule, this one is supposed to be fun. This is supposed to be a good time game between two of the best teams assembled. So, here at BetNow, we have the kinds of props that you’ll need to have all of the fun (and winning) that you’ll want. 

So, you can bet on who’s going to score first. You can also bet on if there’s going to be a run scored in the first inning. Speaking of each inning, you can bet on who’s going to “win” each inning (as in, who’s going to score more runs than the other team in the inning). As you might imagine, the favorite in each inning is “tie.” 

You can bet the final score, you can bet how many runs, hits, and errors (combined) are going to be in the game, too. If there’s a way to bet on the MLB game, you’ll be able to do it at our site. To see everything we offer, head to BetNow today.