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Bet on Baseball 2021 Opening Day in Unique Ways

Opening Day! We covered it yesterday, how you’ll want to bet on each of the games. We mentioned how each game has a line, an over/under, the odds, and more. That said, that’s far from the only way to bet on Opening Day. Here at BetNow, we’re all about options. Really, when you think about it, baseball is the game of options. There’s always another at bat, pitcher you could bring in, guy off of the bench, that kind of thing. Here at BetNow, we make it possible to bet on baseball 2021 in the way that you would like. 

Bet on Baseball 2021 for Five Innings and Win

Sometimes, it’s not possible to watch an entire baseball game. Sure, you want to. It’d be nice. But, life gets in the way, there’s something else to do, etc. Maybe you want to get into the game, you want to have fun, have a good time, you want to bet it, but you don’t want to have to bet on the end. Or, alternatively, perhaps you have a good feel for the first half of the game but not the rest. We make it possible to bet on the first five innings. 

This is great for those of you who really know your starting pitchers. You know who comes out strong and who has a predilection for getting batted around a bit. Moreover, it’s fantastic for those who know which teams start strong and which teams don’t really start all that quickly at all. 

What makes this feature so popular for many of our players is that it allows you to bet on the same game multiple times in different ways. For example, say that you bet on a game, just on the outcome. Maybe you bet that multiple ways, too: you bet the over/under, you bet the line, etc. 

Betting on the Futures, Exotics, and Others 

That can be a problem because you’re at the mercy of the ending. If the closer blows it in the last at bat, then you’re on the hook for all of that. However, that’s not the case if you bet on the first five innings. Instead, you’re just there for the first part of the game. So, if the starter comes out strong, or maybe they get hit around – you can win then. Then, you can win at the end of the game, too. Of course, if you miss one, you can catch the other. 

“The first five innings” is far from the only unique way we allow you to bet on these games. For example, you can also bet on the total runs scored by one team or another. Maybe you don’t like the matchup but you do like one offense or another to go off, or, alternatively, to be entirely bottled up by the other team’s pitching. 

To use an example from opening day, we’ve got the Houston Astros going to Oakland to play the As. The As “total runs” number we’ve got at 3.5 and the Stros we’ve got at 4. So, you’d be betting on whether or not those teams are going to score more or less than those numbers. 

On top of that, you can also bet on the “exotics,” which are basically who’s going to win what award. We’ve got the Cy Young, the MVP of both leagues, as well as the rookies of the year, that kind of thing. We laid out plenty of different options, too, so you can pick which player you think is really going to do it. That said, you might not see anyone there you think is going to win those trophies – that’s fine, too! You can always bet on “The Field,” which would mean any player not mentioned there. 

Those are just some of the ways that you can bet online on baseball, now that it’s back. With real fans in the stands, safe and sound in lots of places, too. Play ball!