Bet NFL Thursday Night Football: Teams Going in Different Directions

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Thursday Night Football

The phrase “teams going in two directions” is used often. Typically, it represents one team that’s doing very well and another that’s doing badly. It could also be one team that’s rising while another fades. For example, a team that’s say, 3-5 could be “going in the opposite direction” of a team that’s 5-3 if the latter has suffered debilitating injuries, etc. We say this in the context of this week’s Thursday night game, when the Falcons will head to Carolina to play the Panthers. This could be two teams headed in different directions, or it could be two teams headed to the same place: out of the playoff pictures. You can always bet NFL Thursday night football at BetNow. 

Bet NFL Thursday Night Football: Falcons at Panthers 

That’s this week’s Thursday Night Football game. It could be a tough one. The Panthers are, as of this writing, about a game and a half out of the last wild card spot in the NFC. That’s not the worst place to be in in the first half of the season, of course. They have another chance to play the Saints, which could make up a lot of that quickly. While the odds of winning the division outright are low (the Bucs are a much, much better team) they do have a chance to make the playoffs. 

But, if they lose to the Falcons at home on Thursday night, it’s probably OK to say that they’re not going to do it. To be clear, losing this game wouldn’t end the Panthers season. They’d still have a chance, maybe they’d win every game afterwards. But, probably not. It’s hard to see them being able to make much of a push if they lose this game.

There’s an old saying in football: “you can’t win the game in the 1st quarter, but you can lose it.” usually, this is in the context of turnovers, etc. If you come out of the 1st quarter down by 20 points, sure, maybe you can make a comeback. But probably not. The same goes for the Panthers on Thursday. If they don’t win this game, it’s hard to see them making a playoff run (but, not impossible). Who do you got? They’re a two and a half point favorite at home. 

Packers at 49ers 

Next week’s Thursday night game is between two teams with more viable championship comparisons. The Packers head to Santa Clara to play the 49ers. Now, the 49ers season has not gone as they had hoped it would. So many injuries, so many problems – but, when things are working, this is still a tough football team. They showed that in absolutely burying the Patriots in Foxboro. 

However, the Pack, so long as Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers, is the Pack. They’re a tough out anywhere. Maybe the defense has some issues. Perhaps Aaron doesn’t have the same weapons he’s always had. But, there are so many reasons that Aaron might be one of the greatest to ever play the position. He’s shown that week in and week out during this season. Do you have him winning Thursday night on the road? 

Bet NFL Thursday Night Football All Year Long 

Those are just the next two Thursday night football games. There will be many more. Some of the biggest matchups of the season, of course, will be on Thursday night (including the Ravens at the Steelers on Thanksgiving night). Of course, not all football is played on Thursday night, far from it. Most of the games will still be on weekends, and you’ll be able to bet at sports online at BetNow no matter what. Here’s to your luck during Thursday night, Saturday night, and whenever you watch and bet at football games