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Bet NFL Playoffs: Divisional Weekend Final Look

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Playoffs

It’s been a few days since we talked about the divisional round, but, here we are again. It’s about to happen. By the time you read this, odds are the Bengals and the Titans will have kicked off. That’s just one of the four great games this weekend. This weekend, we go from eight teams to four on the road to the Super Bowl. The truth is that these are, for the most part, the eight best teams in the NFL this year. There aren’t a lot of lollygaggers here. To that end, you can always bet NFL playoffs Saturday (through the Super Bowl) at BetNow. 

Bet NFL Playoffs Saturday 

The first game, again, is the Bengals at the Titans, Cincinnati at Nashville. This line hasn’t really moved much, with the Titans being favored by 3.5 points at home. The biggest deal, of course, in this game, is the return of Henry, most likely the NFL’s best running back. He’d been hurt for much of the season and yet the Titans still managed to find their way to the top seed. 

But, they’ll be taking on a real upstart team in the Bengals. Sure, everyone knew that the Bengals were going to be good eventually with Joe Burrow, but they might have skipped ahead a few years. After all, the Bengals won their first playoff game since the early 90s. Now, they’ll have a real chance to make a run. That said, this is a tough task for a team looking to make a name for themselves. How do you see this going? Will the Bengals keep rolling? Or will the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC continue through Nashville? 

Late Saturday – Niners and Pack 

This line has also moved a bit, too. Now, the line is Packers favored at home by 5.5 points. The Niners are a tough team to figure. If you follow the NFL beyond the games themselves, then you know that just about every team that could use a quarterback has been linked to Jimmy G leaving the Niners. Yet, with him at the helm, they keep winning. Will they be able to roll over the Pack, like the way they did the last time they went to the Super Bowl? 

That said, it’s hard to win in Green Bay. It’s especially hard to do so against Rodgers, who is as tough as they get up there. For many, the Packers are the favorite to go all of the way this year. That said, not every team comes firing out of the gate after the bye. But, the Pack should prove to be far tougher than the Cowboys were last weekend. Can the Pack overcome the Niners in Lambeau? 

Sunday Early 

The early Sunday game is an interesting one as well. This line has moved, with some movement towards the Rams. Los Angeles goes across the country to Tampa Bay, to take on Tom Brady in Florida. The Rams have beaten the Bucs this season, but they did it on the West Coast, not in Florida.  The Rams looked as impressive as can be against the Cards in the first round, but that was a divisional game. Can they keep it rolling in the eastern time zone? 

That said, it’s as tough a task as there is to beat Brady at home in the playoffs. Sure, Tampa Bay isn’t New England, but it’s a rough place to go. Yes, the Bucs may not have all of the weapons that they did earlier in the season but they sure have plenty of weapons regardless. How do you see this going? 

Bet NFL Playoffs: The Last Game of the Weekend 

It might be the last one, but it might also be the best one, too. The Bills in Kansas City, Buffalo in Arrowhead – this could be a wild one. Think points: lots of points. Our handicappers do, as we have the over/under at 54. That said, the line is small, moving to two. Can the Bills do what they couldn’t last year, and overcome Mahomes in his stadium? Or, do the Chiefs roll on, yet again, through the AFC? You can always wager on the NFL playoffs here at BetNow.