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Bet NFL Games With Small Lines This Coming Sunday

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Games online

The NFL action continues. Now we’re in the second half of the season. We’ve learned quite a bit about all of these teams. Sure, there will be plenty of surprises along the way. But, we know so much more than we did just a month ago. We have a good idea of who’s going to be playing for the playoffs, who’ll be looking for the bye, and who’s looking for Trevor Lawrence. This coming week should give us even greater clarity. A lot of closely matched games this weekend. As ever, you can bet NFL games online at BetNow. 

Bet NFL Games Online This Sunday 

There are plenty of interesting matchups between closely matched teams this coming Sunday. Many of these games have big playoff implications. A great example of this kicks off Sunday morning with the Browns hosting the Eagles. These are two teams that it’s hard to get a hold on. Are the Browns as good as their best wins, or as bad as their worst losses? You can say the same about the Eagles, too. Are the Browns ready to step forward and start to win the kinds of games that, frankly, all of their talent should be able to?  What do you think? 

Sticking with the NFC, we’ve got the Falcons heading to New Orleans. The line is the Saints by four at home, which might be a bit surprising to some. Division games are division games – anything can happen. Teams that seem much better than another, even if they have to play their backup quarterback, can struggle in division games. Who do you get? 

Continuing the short line games, we have two of the league’s more disappointing teams (so far), the Patriots heading to Houston. The Pats will see a familiar face in interim head coach of Houston Romeo Crennel. While the Texans have sure had their problems this season, they don’t come from a lack of talent. Deshaun Watson is still as good as any QB in the league. The Pats had their most impressive win yet with Cam over the Ravens. Can they keep it going in Texas? 

Other Great Games This Sunday 

Maybe the most intriguing matchup in the week is the Packers heading to Indy. The Colts can look very good one week and then look very not so good the next. The Pack, of course, are led by the great Aaron Rodgers. But, their defense is very much a question mark. The Colts’ D, of course, might just be the league’s best. The Colts are a one and a half point favorite at home. Do you see that holding up, or do you see Rodgers leading the way to victory? 

A game with big, big AFC playoff implications takes place in the Inner Harbor later on, as the Titans head north to Baltimore to play the Ravens. After that tough loss to the Pats last week, the Ravens need this one (especially considering they go to Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving night). The Titans didn’t exactly look like world beaters in that loss to the Colts at home. The Titans offensive can look very good, while their special teams and defense look pedestrian. The handicappers have the Ravens pulling this out, as they’re favored by five right now. What do you think? 

Monday night might be a game for who’s the big dog in the NFC. The Rams go to TB to play Brady, AB, and the Bucs. The Rams, suddenly, are looking like a real contender. They play good defense, they play smart, and that might just be enough to be the team in the NFC. winning on the road against Brady could go a long way towards solidifying that. We’ve got Brady as a four point favorite at home. Good luck to you no matter how you bet on sports this weekend!