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Bet NFL Games on the Internet Even if They Don’t Impact the Playoffs

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Games on the Internet

Every game counts. You’ve heard that for probably every sport since you started following sports. In a sense, it’s true. Even the games that have nothing to do with the playoffs or teams competing for the playoffs will have a lot to do with draft order. The idea is that they can influence the future. In another sense, it’s not true, as some teams don’t have a chance at the playoffs. But, for you, someone who goes to bet NFL games on the internet, every game can count. Every game is a chance to make money. That’s always the case at our sports betting site, BetNow. 

Bet NFL Games on the Internet Between the Struggling Teams… 

The truth is that 14 teams (at least) are going to make the NFL playoffs this year. With one team getting a bye in each conference and six other teams getting in, it makes for more teams making the playoffs than before. Really, there are few games this weekend (or any weekend) where teams with no chance of getting in the playoffs are playing each other. 

For example, the Pats head to Miami this weekend. This is a big game for Miami. Yes, they’re towards the bottom of the AFC playoffs, but they very well could get in. For them to do that, of course, they have to be able to hold off their old rival at home. The Fins have a real defense and an offense on the rise. Between them and the Bills, there should be two really good teams for a long time in the AFC East. But, this isn’t “a long time,” this is 2020. Do you think the Fins pull this out and keep going? 

Another similar game takes place at the same time in the NFC, as the Bears go to Minnesota. The Vikings are in the playoff chase, but they’re right on the fringe of it (that’s what happens when you get off to a slow start). That said, a win against their longtime rival can absolutely make this happen. So, to do that, they’re giving three points at home. How do you feel about that? Do you see the Vikings running wild against the Bears? Or, do you see this Bears team pulling out a big win on the road? 

… And the Good Ones 

There’s really not enough you can say about the Chiefs and the Saints. It’s very, very rare that you get probably the two best teams in each of their conferences playing each other this late in the season. I mean, if this were the Super Bowl, absolutely no one would be surprised. The Chiefs are giving three points on the road, which, of course, is staggering if you’ve been seeing the Saints for the last couple months or so. The Saints are a dog in New Orleans. How do you feel about this potential Super Bowl matchup? 

A less likely (but not impossible) Super Bowl matchup is another of the biggest games of the weekend, as Cleveland goes to New York to play the Giants. Both teams are playing better as of late, despite their recent losses. The Browns lost a tough one to a coming-back Ravens team, while the Giants had been playing better ball before they got walloped by the Seahawks. The Browns need a win to stay in contention for the AFC North and the Giants need to win to keep going in the NFC East. Should be a good game. Who do you have in this one? Here’s to another great week of online betting action.