Bet NFL Games of Week 9

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Games Week 9

The halfway mark. Sure, it hasn’t been like any other NFL season. But, we’re halfway through it (hopefully). Against all odds (or, at least against a lot of odds) the season has made it this far and looks like it’s going to go all the way. With some hiccups, mind you (so many COVID-19 tests) but only a few major, major problems, it’s not too early to say that what the NFL has done has been a success. Now, it’s time for you to have some success when you bet NFL games week 9 and beyond. 

Bet NFL Games Week 9: Bet NFL Games on Thursday Night and Beyond 

Week nine of the NFL starts off with a Thursday night game (and thankfully, not a Tuesday one or something). This week, we’ve got the Packers at the 49ers. The 49ers, unfortunately, have seen so many injuries. Whenever it seems like they’re turning a corner and going to get some guys back, it seems like someone else gets hurt. This has been a problem for the team all season, and it hasn’t let up yet. 

That said, the San Francisco 49ers can still put a competitive team out on the field (ask the Patriots and others). Of course, it can be difficult to see them standing up to Rodgers and the Pack at home. Yes, the Pack might not have the best defense, but the Pack have one thing in mind: score points. They know how to do it. Can they do it on the road on Thursday night? After all, even good teams struggle on the road on Thursday Night. 

The Rest of Week Nine 

Week nine has all kinds of big games up ahead. These games will go a long way towards figuring out who is going to have the best start for the second half of the season. The NFL has changed this year to the point where only one team is going to get a bye. It’s not like in the past where there were two. So, it’s all the more important to get that bye, as it would be an incredible advantage. That’s especially true in a season where the “bye week” that every team gets has been moved around so much. 

To that end, we’ve got a cross-conference game as the Seahawks head to Buffalo to play the Bills. There, the Hawks are a two and a half point favorite (as of now) on the road. There’s a lot going on here: you’ve got a west coast team playing on the east coast, at what would be 10 AM for them. You’ve also got the Bills, a team that’s’ been good but maybe not as good as we had hoped. What do you think? 

Big Game of Week 

The biggest game of the week is probably the Sunday night one, where the Saints finish their season series (so far) with Brady and the Bucs. The Saints won in Brady’s first game with Tampa, but the Bucs have been playing so much better since. That said, the Saints are on quite a roll now, too. We don’t have a line on this game yet, but when we do, you’ll be able to find it at our site. 

That’s true of other games throughout this week. We don’t always have the lines up on Monday (as there’s still plenty to work through) but you’ll get them soon. One thing we do have: the Chiefs still having those amazing, big lines. If you remember from this past weekend, they covered a twenty point line (the kind of thing you would typically see when the SEC plays the MAC or something). Sunday, we have them giving ten and a half to the Panthers. 

How do you have it? You can bet all of these football games and so many more at our online betting site BetNow, all throughout the season.