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Bet NFL Games at BetNow on Thursday Nights in November

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Games at betnow

Thursday Night Football may not be the best for the players, but it’s the best for the fans. For the fans, it’s football on one more night of the week. For the players, of course, it’s different. Instead of the entire week to prepare for a team, they only have a few days. In fact, they might have fewer than that – depending on whether or not their coach gave them Monday off, or they have to travel to another city, and so forth. Regardless, the rest of November has some of the best Thursday Night Football games of the season. As ever, you can bet NFL games at BetNow. 

Bet NFL Games at BetNow: NFC West Showdown

This coming Thursday night, the supremacy of the NFC West could be decided. The Arizona Cardinals are heading to Seattle to play the Seahawks. Last year (or even just a few months ago) this would have been seen as a massive mismatch. Sure, the thinking might have been, the Cards have some talent, but the Seahawks are the Seahawks – a perennial contender. That’s not the case this year. This is going to be a good one. 

There are few regular season games that will be as chaotic, wild, and good as the Bills last second loss to the Cardinals this past Sunday. How many games do you see where one team takes the least with less than a minute to go only to lose on a Hail Mary? Kyler Murray has rapidly become everything that was expected of a number one overall pick. Of course, helping that, is DeAndre Hopkins, very possibly the best receiver in the game. Larry Fitzgerald Jr., possibly the greatest receiver ever, has one more chance at a ring, it seems. 

That said, the Seahawks aren’t going anywhere. Russell Wilson is, as ever, in just about every MVP conversation (as well he should be). That said, the defense in Seattle, long a question mark, now seems like a legit problem. The line, as of right now, is the Seahawks by three. How do you feel about that? Do you see them winning at home, or has the Cardinals’ time arrived sooner than we imagined? 

The AFC North and Football’s Best Current Rivalry 

From a new rivalry we turn to a rival that goes back decades now, the current rivalry against which others are measured. Sure, there are rivalries that go back further (nothing compares to Packers/Bears) and there were rivalries in recent memory with higher stakes (Peyton’s Colts and Brady’s Pats, even though they were never in the same division) but there’s nothing like the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

For one, these teams have both usually been good now for just about twenty years. From the moment that Ray Lewis was drafted in Baltimore, the Ravens have been a solid, solid team, winning two championships and invariably, even in their down years, being a “tough out.” Mike Tomlin of the Steelers has never had a losing season in 14 of them. Two years before he got there, Bill Cowher won his Super Bowl. These teams are always good. 

This year has been no exception. While the Ravens may not have been as good as they were last year (or at least they haven’t shown it yet) that’s due in major part to having lost to the Steelers already in Baltimore. That was a tight game, where, frankly, the Ravens were in real control through the first half but couldn’t put the Steelers away. Then, when the Steelers took the lead, the Ravens couldn’t come back. This line will be close. How do you see this game? You’ll be able to watch it on Thanksgiving night and bet football at BetNow.