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Bet NFL Game at the End of the Regular Season

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Games at the End of the Regular Season

It’s come to this. The final week of the NFL season. All the games on Sunday. We don’t have lines up for them all yet (those COVID-19 tests as well as we don’t know right now every team that is and is not going to start their starters). It’s easy to say “it’s the playoffs every week” but for a lot of teams, this really is “do or die” now. They can’t wait around. There literally isn’t a tomorrow for many. Sure, you could “back into” the playoffs, but not every team can do that. For many, they have to win. Bet NFL game and on other sports at the best sports wagering site, BetNow.

Bet NFL Game that Determine Who’s in the AFC 

Things can swing quickly in a conference this tight. Sure, the Chiefs are the class of it. But, below that, things can change in a hurry. For example, yesterday, Sunday, the Colts were up 24-7 and on their way to being in position to take the number two seed in the conference. Then, they lost the game 28-24 and if the season ended today, they’d be out of the playoffs. It really can be that dramatic. 

But, the season doesn’t end today. It ends Sunday. To that end, the Colts are hosting the Jaguars. The Colts should win this game. This isn’t like some editorial statement on our part. The Colts are two touchdown favorites already and the Jags have clinched the league’s worst record (hello Trevor Lawrence). So, the Colts should win. But, the Jags have no incentive left to tank. They really can play spoiler. Do you have the Indianapolis Colts winning? And will they cover? 

Speaking of the game yesterday, the Colts blew that lead in Pittsburgh. The Steelers, who basically hadn’t shown up in the last month more or less, showed up for the second half, had the biggest come back under Tomlin, and then won the game. Now, it looks like they won’t “show up” again for the game Sunday, as they really have nothing to play for. 

Their opponents, however, the Browns, have everything to play for. They have to win this game to ensure they’ll get into the playoffs. After a crushing loss to the Jets (of all teams), the Browns need this one with Pittsburgh. Sure, there’s all kinds of chicanery where “if one team wins and another loses, etc., etc.”, but the Browns can’t count on that. They have a great opportunity, with the Steelers resting as many guys as possible. But, the Browns lost to the Steelers quite badly when they played their starters months ago. Can the Browns pull this out? Or will they not go to the playoffs in the most Browns way ever? 

More Games in the AFC and Beyond 

There are other teams who are in a “win and either get in or get help” mode. Specifically, the Ravens. After being left for dead and violating just about every COVID-19 protocol there was, they have a “win and in ” with the Bengals on the road. As of right now, the Ravens are an 11.5 point favorite. But, the Bengals have won their last two rather impressively. Sure, there’s no Joe Burrow, but do you buy the Bengals playing better ball? 

The other game that determines wild cards in the AFC is the ancient rivalry between the Fins and the Bills. The Fins, who truly are a team on the rise, are also in this position of winning and getting some help to get to the playoffs (after that wild win against the Raiders). The truth is that while the Fins may not be ready to win a Super Bowl now, getting into the playoffs this year could push their growth forward dramatically (and it helps they’re getting that high draft pick from Houston, too). As ever, you can bet the big games (and others) at BetNow.