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Bet NFL Football Online on Wednesday Night and Later

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Football online

Wednesday Night Football. That… felt weird to type. It probably felt weird to read. Additionally, should it happen (and it better) then it’s going to be even weirder to watch, too. But, if this happens (and that, of course, is a real “if”) you’ll be able to bet on football at BetNow. We told you how to bet NFL football online on Thanksgiving night with the Ravens playing the Steelers. Then, we told you that you could bet the Ravens playing the Steelers on Sunday. We didn’t have time to tell you to bet the Ravens playing the Steelers on Tuesday, because by then you got the opportunity to bet NFL football between the Ravens and the Steelers on Wednesday 

Who We Know is and Is Not Playing Right Now 

As of this writing, Lamar Jackson is not going to play in this game. That’s the biggest single absence. Not the only one, but the one that has the greatest impact to influence how this game turns out. Obviously, he isn’t having as good a season as he did last year. Just as obviously, however, he’s an incredible talent who can win a game by himself. As poorly as he played throughout much of the first game with the Steelers, he was right there with a chance to win it at the end. That’s the kind of talent he has. 

If not him, then, it looks like RGIII is going to come out and try to win the game. A great backup QB, he’s one of the better options the league has at the position. The problem: the Ravens offensive line is missing some guys. It was banged up before COVID-19, and now looks much, much worse. One thing the Ravens’ bumbling with the virus has granted them, however: starting running backs. They get their top two backs back for this game. If it had been played on Thanksgiving, they wouldn’t have been able to, but since the Ravens dragged this out as much as they did, they’ll be able to have their top two backs in the game. 

The Steelers will be without their top running back, James Connor, as well as their starting defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt. The latter of which has really been putting together a Pro Bowl-caliber season. 

Bet NFL Football Online Throughout the Rest of the Week(s) 

The games we (think) are going to take place during this coming weekend have real playoff implications. For example, we’ve got the Rams and the Cards. The NFC West may not be the NFL’s best division (although it’s up there) but it might be the one that’s going to be the most entertaining down the stretch. Between LA, the Cards, and the Seahawks, each of these teams could win it, and just about all of them belong in the football playoffs. As of this writing, the line is the Rams giving three points on the road to the Cards. 

That said, the Niners may not be the juggernaut they were a year ago when they won the NFC, but they’re still a tough out. Even with so many players injured, they’re not a team that you want to have to play. They get the Bills on Monday Night Football. The Bills can go a long way towards locking down the AFC East with a win, but it’s never easy to beat the Niners. Who do you got? 

For more of a playoff push, we’ve got the Browns heading to Nashville. The Titans are a six point favorite in this game. These two teams could meet again as soon as the first round of the playoffs. Who do you got? No matter who you got, you can bet online on all of these games at BetNow!