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Bet NFL Football Friday and Saturday

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NFL Football

“Is there an NFL game every day of the week?” That’s an old joke that comes to us from long, long ago. It was said by many family members and friends who didn’t see the appeal of football but saw that one day, there suddenly started being more football games on Thursday nights, Saturdays, etc. In 2020, this has taken on new meaning, as there have been NFL games to bet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and more. Now, at this point in the season, there are football games on Fridays and Saturdays. As ever, you can bet NFL football whenever there is NFL football here at BetNow. 

Bet NFL Football This Friday Afternoon 

Christmas Day! It’s a Christmas miracle – there will be NFL football. Sure, it won’t be the same without tens of thousands of screaming fans, but there will be NFL football taking place. This Christmas, we’ve got the Saints hosting the Vikings. The Saints are, as of this writing, a six and a half point favorite. So, it may not take a Christmas miracle for the Saints to cover, but they are going to have to win by a touchdown and an extra point. 

Of course, you might think that it will take a Christmas miracle for the Vikings to win outright. After all, the Saints have been one of the NFL’s best teams throughout much of the season. The Vikings, after a tough start, really rebounded to put themselves right in the NFC playoff race. That said, this is the kind of game that tends to test teams like that- a team that wants to make the playoffs playing against a favorite at home. 

That said, it’s not like the Saints are invincible. They lost last week, at home, to the Chiefs. That game could have been seen as a Super Bowl preview (and it still very well might be). The Saints are likely to be upset after having lost that game at home. What do you think? Do the Saints hold court on Christmas? Or, do the Vikings come in and leave a lump of coal in the city of New Orleans? 

Football on Saturday 

You’ll also be able to bet on the NFL games this coming Saturday, too. Brady takes the Bucs to Detroit, where the Bucs are a 9.5 point favorite against the Lions. Do you think the Lions are going to be able to pull off the upset (or at least to not lose by ten) at home? Or, do you see Brady rolling in with the Bucs and rolling out with a double-digit victory? 

The late game is an NFC West showdown where the Niners head to Arizona. Both teams are, at this point, on the fringes of the NFC playoff picture. The Niners have had so many injuries, it’s hard not to think about where this team could have been without them (even in that tough division). By that same token, the Cards have played some very good football, losing some close games. They definitely have to be seen as one of the “teams on the rise” in the league throughout this season. 

The Cards are favored at home by five points. How do you see this game? Do you see it as another division game, where the records get thrown out the window, and the Niners either keep it close or win outright? Or, do you see the Cards rolling ahead, making a case that they are going to be one of the Wild cards in the NFC? Happy Holidays from all of us here at the top sports betting website, BetNow!