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Bet NCAA Men’s Basketball Madness

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NCAA Mens Basketball Madness

Are you ready for the madness? Of course you are. March Madness is so close you can practically smell it. Or, hear it, at least in terms of hearing “One Shining Moment” as carrying the trophy around the court. That said, we still don’t know who’s going to be in the tournament yet, much less who’ll be cutting down the nets. That said, you can always bet on college basketball right now at BetNow (indeed, it’s in the name). So, there’s plenty of ways to bet NCAA men’s basketball madness before March Madness, too! 

Bet NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments

If you’re like any other college basketball fan, then you’ve been checking the top 25 rankings pretty much since the beginning of the season. You know who the powers are, who’s probably going to get a number one seed, and so forth. That said, there are still 39 teams that are going to get into this tournament (41 counting the First Four) that are outside of the top 25 right now. How are they going to get in? Conference tournaments. 

What’s so great about college basketball is that, really, every team has a shot. So, there will be all of the conference championship tournaments throughout the country in the weeks to come before Selection Sunday. So many of them, even if they’re small, do have an automatic bid into the big tournament for the winner. 

As this is BetNow, where you have more opportunities to bet on the games that you want to bet, you’ll be able to bet all of these games right here at our site. We may have the title games, we may have the games on the run-up to them, we may have everything that you need to bet on the games that you want to see. With this, you can win and learn – all on your way to taking home the big prizes during March Madness. 

Betting March Madness How You Want 

You want brackets? We’ve got brackets. At BetNow, we’ve got all of the brackets you’ll ever need. We’ll have all kinds of bracket competitions. That way, you can win if you have the best bracket. But, you’ll also be able to win if your bracket is less than the best, too. Here at BetNow, we built our site around giving more folks more chances to win. The tournament is a great example of that. 

That said, even the best, most knowledgeable college basketball fan sometimes has a bracket that isn’t great. Perhaps it gets busted fairly early on. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop betting on college basketball, stop betting on March Madness. Far from it. Here at BetNow, we’re all about opportunity. So, you’ll be able to bet on these games in multiple ways. 

You’ll be able to bet on the money line for these games, for the point spread, the odds, the over/under, and more. You’ll be able to do that for every game in the tournament, from the First Four through the Final Four and the two teams standing at the end. If there’s a game in March Madness, you’ll be able to bet it right here. 

Bet NCAA Men’s Basketball Madness: Where to Come on Selection Sunday 

Once the brackets come out, come to BetNow. Sure, we know that, when it comes to betting on college basketball, you sure do have plenty of options. But, when you’re putting together your brackets don’t forget to put one together here, too. We have more opportunities, more money, and more chances to win. That said, you don’t have to wait for the tournament to get started on the winning, either.

Really, some of these conference championships are coming as early as late this week. If you know something about the Sun Belt, the Southern Conference, the ASUN, the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) and more, then you have a chance to win all throughout March (and April). Good luck to you and yours throughout this tournament!