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Bet NCAA Men’s Basketball at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NCAA Mens Basketball

Beware the Ides of March, they say. But, beware anyone who tells you that the only betting on college basketball is during March Madness. Yes, that’s when everyone bets on March Madness, and, when it arrives, we’ll have so much that you’ll be able to bet on, of course. But, there’s a lot of basketball to be played between now and March Madness, right here at BetNow. You’ll be able to bet on all of the rest of the regular season (now well into conference play) as well as the all-important conference tournaments, on the way to March Madness. That’s just how we bet NCAA men’s basketball at BetNow. 

Bet NCAA Men’s Basketball Big Conferences 

Here at BetNow, you can bet on the teams that you see on TV night in and night out. If they’re at the top of the rankings, you’ll be able to bet their games here at BetNow. For example, more than a decade ago at this point, “Gonzaga” was a team that many folks hadn’t heard of, a school that so many picked in March Madness because the name was fun to say. That’s all over now. What a national power they are. You can bet on the games from the number one team in the nation. 

That said, you’ll be able to bet on any of the other highly ranked teams too right here at BetNow. Whether they’re Pac 12 powers like Arizona or SEC titans like Auburn and Kentucky, we’ve got their games here. ACC legends such as Duke or Big East standouts like Villanova Wildcats, we’ve got all of their games right here at BetNow for you to bet and win on big time. If they’re on TV,  we’ve got the games. 

Bet on Your Game  

The above having been said, there are so, so many big NCAA games that aren’t on TV, that aren’t including teams that are in the top 25 (or even further out than that). After all, so many of us better use this time to research the teams, to find out who they’re going to pick in March Madness and more. Of course, that goes out to more than 60 teams, so just because someone isn’t in the top 25, that doesn’t mean that they’re something you should avoid. Indeed they very well could be Cinderella in just a few weeks. 

To that end, we have the games that you want to bet on right now from conferences all around the country. For example, just recently, we had games involving MAC stalwarts such as Akron and Ohio, as well as schools from the south that maybe don’t get on television all that often, such as the University of Louisiana Monroe and Georgia Southern. The Ivy League has an automatic bid to the tournament, so you’ll be able to find games like Harvard and Princeton at our site, too. 

These games can be played anywhere at any time, whether it’s a Big 10 tilt between the Cornhuskers and the Hawkeyes, or a game out west between San Jose State and San Diego State, you’ll be able to find it here at BetNow. 

Moreover, when we say “find it,” we don’t just mean that you’ll be able to bet on the point spread (which, of course, you can). But, also, you can bet on the odds, you can bet on the money line, and so much more, all through our site. 

March Madness and Beyond 

There’s still plenty of opportunity to get in on college basketball betting before the big tournament, of course. There’s all the other tournaments, the conference ones, the ones that go so far toward determining how the big bracket is going to look. We’ll also have the NIT and the like here at our site as well, of course. Plus, you can always bet on the NBA, NHL, and more. Good luck to you from BetNow!