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Bet NCAA Football with Wednesday Night MAC-tion

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet NCAA football with the MAC

There’s always more college football to bet on. Of course, it might not have seemed that way this year. For a long time, it didn’t look like football was going to happen. Then, when it finally did come to pass, not all of the conferences came back to play. At least, not right away. Luckily, fortunately, the testing got better. Protocols were developed and, while not perfect, they have been put in place and are working (knock on wood very strongly). So, more conferences are back than ever before. That’s why, this week, you can bet NCAA football with the MAC this Wednesday as well as other games later this week. 

The MAC 

Perhaps the best known example of a “mid-major” conference in college football is the MAC, the Mid=American Conference. Composed mostly (though not entirely) of teams in the Midwest, these are some smaller schools that you may not have heard of. However, it’s entirely possible that you have heard of the MAC. After all, so many great players have come from it in recent years. Jason Taylor, James Harrison, and Ben Roethlisberger – just to name a few, have all come through the MAC. 

The stars of tomorrow could be on the MAC teams, too. Even if they aren’t, MAC games on a Wednesday night give you football games on a Wednesday night to bet online on. This Wednesday, we’ve got Central Michigan traveling to Northern Illinois. Central Michigan, on the road, is favored by more than a touchdown. That tells you a lot about how people feel about Northern Illinois. Can Central Michigan cover that spread? 

Speaking of large spreads in the MAC, we also have Eastern Michigan traveling to Indiana to play Ball State. At home, Ball State is a nine point favorite. Later on, in perhaps the marquee MAC matchup of the night, Toledo heads to Western Michigan. Western Michigan is a three point favorite at home. One thing all of the oddsmakers agree on: MAC Wednesday night is going to score some points. There isn’t an over/under less than 58.5 points. Do you think these teams are going to score that much? Or, will defense make a come back? 

Bet NCAA Football with The MAC: Thursday Night Games, Too 

Thursday Night may have been about other things in the past (sitcoms or anything else) but now, they’re definitely about football. This Thursday, in college, we’ve got Colorado State going on the road to play Boise State. Colorado State has fallen quite a bit from the days that Joey Porter played there. Currently, they’re a two touchdown dog on the road. Of course, it’s always been difficult to beat Boise State on their blue field. 

Of course, Thursday Night football isn’t limited to the college ranks. This week, in fact, we have one of the best Thursday Night football games of the entire year. A game for supremacy in the AFC South: the Colts and the Titans. The Titans looked like the class of the AFC (if not the league) but then they stumbled, with back to back losses to the Steelers and Bengals. 

The Colts have as tough a defense as the league has right now. But, there are still questions about Rivers, and if they can beat the always tough Titans. How do you see this one going? Can the Titans get back to their winning ways? Or, do the Colts take one step forward to becoming real AFC contenders in their own right? 

Bet NCAA Football Throughout the Week 

While we’ve highlighted games that are going to occur on Wednesday and Thursday night, it’s important to note that there will be more games than these that go on this weekend. For example, there will be all kinds of football games on Friday and Saturday (to say nothing of the pros on Sunday). While Friday the 13th may seem unlucky, that could be the best time to get a bet down. After all, if you end up winning, Friday the 13th will seem very lucky to you indeed. Good luck to you all season long from BetNow!