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Bet NCAA Football on Halloween

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NCAA Football Games

Ghosts. Goblins. Monsters. Not getting a bet down on a hot matchup on Halloween. These are the things that scare us the most throughout this spooky season. This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday. Alas, the world is in such a place that we all may not be in the position to party that up at the level which it deserves. However, what we can do is to bet NCAA football games which are going to be tremendous. Some of the best matchups of the year and some big rivalries, are taking place this Halloween. As ever, you can find the action at BetNow. 

Bet NCAA Football Games: Big 10 Rivalries 

The Big 10 may not have the success of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), but it does have some of the best known football teams in the game. This Halloween, we’ll have some big time rivalries, that will go for bragging rights and much more. One of the biggest Big 10 games every year: the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Penn State Nittany Lions. 

This year isn’t like others, where this was a close matchup between two teams fighting for the BCS. If you’ve looked at our line, as of this writing, it has Ohio State giving 12 points on the road. Think about that. It’s rare, during the Franklin era, that the Lions have been getting 12 points at home. Is that enough to make you pick them over Ohio State? Or, do you think this is one of those years when the talent at Ohio State is just too much, and they’ll overwhelm the Lions in Happy Valley? 

Michigan State vs. Michigan. Does anything else really need to be said? The truth is that this year, like the other Big 10 rivalry mentioned here, this is not a matchup between two teams that are on equal footing. Indeed, the opposite is true: as of this writing, the Wolverines are favored by 24.5. Do you give those points? Do you see Michigan rolling it up like that? Or, do you see this as a rivalry, two old, proud programs, and that the Spartans, in what might not be their best year, can keep it within four touchdowns? 

Big 12 

If you like high flying Big 12 football, this is a great weekend for you. First, we’ve got Texas at Stillwater to play the Oklahoma State Cowboys. OK State is giving 3.5 points at home. Do you feel Texas has come all the way back where they can win a game like this? Or, do you feel that Oklahoma State is still too much for them in their stadium? 

Later on, the Sooners will go to Texas Tech to play the Red Raiders. Again, big rivalries with big lines being given at home. The Red Raiders are getting 14.5 points in their own stadium. Do you think the Sooners are that good? Can they crush the Red Raiders by more than two touchdowns in their building? If so, this is one more way that you can make money this Halloween at BetNow. 


The game of the day this Halloween is going to be in the SEC. On Saturday afternoon, we’ve got the LSU Tigers heading to Auburn. Auburn is getting three points at home, but, as you usually get three points for the game being at home, this is as close a matchup as can be. This game is going to go a long way to figure out who’s really in control of the SEC. What do you think? Does LSU roll? Does Auburn defend their turf? 

You might think: “I don’t really watch college football.” While that’s surprising, there are plenty of other options to look at at our site. You can find all of the football betting and more (for college, pro, and everything else) at our sports betting site. Happy Halloween! And may the spirits come together to get you a big win!