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Bet NCAA Football Bowl Games Now

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NCAA Football Bowl Games

“It’s the most… wonderful time… of the year.” Talking about Christmas? Sure. That’s nice. But, for this blog, we’re talking about bowl season. College bowl season. This is where no matter what night it is (and sometimes, no matter what time it is) there’s a live football game somewhere. It may not be two teams or schools you’ve heard of, but they’re playing a football game (and, truth be told, they usually need to have at least a 500 record, so they’re not terrible terrible teams). There are games happening right now, and as ever, you can bet NCAA football bowl games at BetNow. 

Bet NCAA Football Bowl Games on 12/23 

Two days before Christmas, not a creature was stirring, not even… four teams that have made the NCAA postseason more or less. On the 23rd, we’ve got Georgia Southern playing Louisiana Tech at a familiar stadium: the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints. Georgia Southern is favored by almost a touchdown, even though they’re technically the “road game” for this team. 

Later on, we’ve got Florida Atlantic heading to the Montgomery Bowl to play Memphis. Memphis is, as of this writing, an 8.5 point favorite. If you’ve gone to either of these schools or have followed them closely, then you might know what a great opportunity these games are. If you haven’t, then you can really have an absolute blast betting on college football games

What makes our platform so accessible to folks is that it’s, well, accessible. That means you can sit down in front of your TV, see that these games are happening, and then just decide to bet on them. It can add a real element of excitement into what would otherwise be a drab night. On top of that, you can make a lot of money, too! The truth is that these college bowl games can make any night an opportunity for a big win. For you and the teams. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Games 

The games don’t stop on Christmas Eve and Christmas. There are bowl games on both days. For example, on Christmas Eve, Hawaii plays Houston in the New Mexico Bowl. For so many, (like your writer) they may have memories of Hawaii playing some team in Hawaii on Christmas Day. Now, Hawaii goes on the road, far away to New Mexico, to play Houston U. as of this writing, Houston is an 11.5 point favorite. Do you agree? Will Houston cover, or will Hawaii come over the ocean and bring the offense with them? 

On Christmas Day, the football action continues. We’ve got Marshall playing Buffalo in the Camellia Bowl. The handicappers tend to see this as a tight game. They’ve got Buffalo favored by 4.5 Obviously, that’s a tight line, so that could go either way. Nothing brings the family together like hot online betting action

If you’ve never done it (and it’s so much fun if you do) but if you’re having a holiday with friends and family, put a few bucks in a pile, and bet it on one of these teams. Suddenly, a game that you might not be that invested in becomes the social event of a lifetime. Now, people who haven’t seen each other in a year (or multiple years) are now living and dying with every play, with a real chance for all of you to have a very, very Merry Christmas. As ever, there are more games than just on Christmas and even in college football for you to enjoy. Have a great holiday season from all of sat BetNow!