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Bet NCAA Football and More This Weekend and Beyond

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NCAA Football

College football may not have the same out of conference games that we’re used to, but there’s still plenty of big games and incredible rivalries. College football didn’t go anywhere, and indeed, it looks like even the conferences that originally decided not to play will now be able to do so. As ever, you can find all of the games that you want to bet on right here at BetNow. That means you can bet NCAA football now through bowl season. Of course, there’s plenty of NFL betting, too. 

Bet NCAA Football on Friday Night

That feels odd to say, but isn’t everything about this year a bit odd? Here, you’ll be able to bet on all of the college football games, no matter when they occur. For Example, tonight, this coming Friday night, you’ll be able to bet on Tulsa at South Florida, the University of Louisiana Lafayette at UAB, and of course, Big Ten football with the Illini at Wisconsin. 

College football, maybe more so than the pros, can have some big lines. After all, it’s not like these are professionals that are all pulled from the same place. Many teams, for example, can be said to “win a game on signing day.” That means that they’ll be able to overwhelm another team simply by the caliber of student-athlete that they signed. That explains many of the big lines that you might see. For example, we’re specifically thinking of the 19.5 points that the Badgers are giving at home to the Illini. 

But, by that same token, the Illini are also a Big Ten team. They aren’t someone that just came over from the MAC or something, they’re a team that’s absolutely played and won big games in conference. Sure, Wisconsin is a legitimate, true national power. The kind of team that could win the Big Ten, even against traditional powers like Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, etc. That said, it’s a big, big line. 

ACC Football and More on Saturday 

On Saturday, you’ll see plenty of ACC and SEC football.  Early in the day, you might see some ACC matchups, such as Georgia Tech at Boston College, Syracuse at Clemson, or even (for the purposes of this year) Notre Dame at Pitt. These lines run the gamut, from big to small. For example, the Golden Eagles are only favored by three points at home against the Yellow Jackets. By that same token, Clemson is favored by 46 at home. Let’s say that again: 46. 

So, if Clemson wins by six touchdowns and six successful extra points, they won’t cover. If Clemson wins by six touchdowns, six successful extra points and a field goal, they won’t cover. The Orangemen, as you might imagine from this line, are having a down year. For a program that’s sent so many great players to the NFL, this is by no means the best Orange squad. However, that’s an eye-popping line. 

Penn State and Indiana, Virginia and the U (University of Miami, Florida), Nebraska and Ohio State – big programs playing big conference games is the flavor of the week here at BetNow. 

NFL Betting

Perhaps you prefer your football where everyone’s making a living. That’s fine, we’ll have all of the big games this Sunday, too, from the Browns and Bengals to the big one where Pittsburgh heads to Nashville. You’ll be able to bet on all football games all year long. Of course, the NFL makes a great “safety net” if Saturday doesn’t necessarily go your way. After all, with the NFL, there are always more ways to win. If you don’t win in the morning, you could win Sunday night. If you don’t win Sunday night, there’s always Monday night. And, as ever, there’s always more winning to be done at BetNow.