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Bet NBA Finals Right Here While They’re Still Going

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
bet NBA Finals

Basketball. We waited so long to have it and now it feels like it’s going to be gone again soon. We’re down to the NBA Finals. But, luckily, it looks like a good one. The Heat and the Lakers are battling hard. Yes, Miami is an underdog, but they’re holding their own. They wouldn’t let the Lakers get that three games to none lead, showing that they aren’t getting swept out of here easily. They’re going to fight this till the bitter end. None of this will be bitter for you, of course, if you bet NBA Finals games right here at the best sports betting site

Bet NBA Finals: A Touchdown or So 

That’s the latest line, as of this writing, for Game 4. The Lakers are a seven and a half point favorite. How do you feel about that? That’s not a small line. Indeed, it feels a bit bigger than the line might have been for previous games within the series. Perhaps the handicappers believe that the LA Lakers are ready to take real control of this series. 

That said, it’s coming on the heels of the last game where the Lakers lost. Sure, it was a tight game, went down into the 4th, etc., but still, it’s a game the Lakers lost. Whenever they’ve been pushed, the Lakers have responded quickly and strongly. So, that seems to be what the handicappers seem to think is going to happen in Game 4 and beyond. The Lake Show will take control… 

… or will they? The Heat are a young team that wasn’t supposed to be here, sure. But, what if they found something in Game 3 that they can use the rest of the series? After all, the Heat have dealt with teams that were considered to be much better than them throughout the playoffs. Now, they’re watching all of these games on TV. The Heat have shown they deserve to be here. Did they find a way to make sure that they walk out with the ultimate crown? 

Over/Under, Odds, and More 

You don’t have to just bet on who’s going to win the games in this series, of course. Yes, many bet on the NBA point spread, but that’s far from the only way to bet. For example, you can bet on the over/under, too. The handicappers feel like this is going to be a bit of a high scoring series. Speaking of, for Game 4, we’ve got it at 218 points. Do you see it as our people do that offense will carry the day? 

Or, do you believe that defense is going to take over? A series can shift in a game, in a half, really. The defenses could rise up and take control of this series. A few shots don’t go early for each team, then things can roll downhill. In a brief period of time, the game could go from a shootout to a defensive struggle. So, we’ve made it so that you can bet that as well. 

1st Half Totals 

In sports, it doesn’t matter who’s up at the half. Well, it matters, but it doesn’t matter until the final outcome. It’s literally only halfway there, halfway toward determining who will be the winner that day. Of course, that’s not how it works at BetNow. You can be a winner long before the end of the 4th quarter (or overtime). 

Instead, you can win based on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the first half. All you have to do is pick who’s going to be ahead then and you can be a winner. You could win at the end of the first half and then win at the end of the game, too. Between that and the over/under, NBA odds, and more, you can win throughout the game. Sure, only one team is going to take the win from this game, but you’re going to be able to win all throughout. That’s how it works every day and really every game here at BetNow.