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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet NBA Finals Games

It’s here. We made it. Some folks thought it wouldn’t happen, but it did. The NBA Finals are upon us. The bubble worked. It may not have always seemed like it was going to, but it did. We’ve been through three rounds of the NBA playoffs without a major incident. Now, we’re here for the big event. The Finals have arrived. One team was expected to be here: the Lakers. LeBron, Anthony Davis, and the rest were expected to be in this position. The Miami Heat may not have been, but they’re as good a team as any. You can bet NBA Finals Games at BetNow.

Bet NBA Finals Games

If you bet the Miami Heat to win the Eastern Conference a while back, you probably made a lot of money. This is why we always encourage those who “have a feeling” or who “just believe in their team” to get a bet down early. You could’ve gotten some great odds on the Heat winning the East really not all that long ago. 

However, if you were a Heat fan for your entire life, then this might have been a bet on NBA that you considered making. While there’s no substitute for research, for knowing the game, there’s something to be said for betting your favorite team. After all, imagine how sweet it would be to have been a Heat fan your entire life and then be the one to pick them to win the East a way back? You’d have plenty of money as well as seeing your team compete for the Championship. Those are the kinds of experiences that sports are made for. 

How the Heat Got Here 

There are sports where lower seeds typically make big runs. In the NCAA tournament, for example, it feels like practically every year there are ten seeds (and worse) that go on to the Elite 8 and more. In the NHL, the eight seeds have won championships in the not all that recent past. 

The NBA, however, tends not to work like that. Perhaps it’s due to the smaller rosters, and how a superstar or two can really take over a game and series, but for the most part, higher seeds in the NBA win. Ironically, it’s the Heat themselves that are the exception which proves this rule. The Heat were the five seed in the Eastern Conference. However, they’re the first team to reach the finals with a seed that low since the New York Knicks did it in… 1999. That’s twenty one years ago. (Technically, it’s more than 21 years ago, since we’re talking about this in September and not June.) 

Here’s the thing, though: it’s not like the Heat took every series to seven games. It’s not like the Heat snuck past anybody or got lucky. They more or less took over every series they were in. A clear sign of that: they only lost three games throughout the first three rounds of the playoffs. The Celtics and the Bucks were heavily favored. They’re currently watching the NBA Finals like the rest of us. 

Lakers – Heat: Who You Got? 

The Lakers are the favorites. It makes sense: LeBron, other superstars, versus a young team of upstarts. But, it’s not like the Heat were favorites in the other series they played. The Heat has been here before. They have a better chance than some might think. 

As it pertains to Game 1, our oddsmakers give the Heat a pretty decent chance. As of this writing, the Lakers are only favored by four and a half points. That’s by no means a blow out, or a sign of disrespect. Teams can make up four and a half points pretty quickly. Our handicappers believe that the Heat are a better team than many others. What do you think? 

You might think: “that all sounds very good, but I don’t really watch the NBA.” That’s surprising but fine as well. That’s why we have so many other sports available for you to bet on at BetNow. The NFL is only a few days away (indeed, Broncos and Jets at this point are a “pick ‘em”). There’s always something new to bet online here at BetNow!