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Bet Monday Night Football and Beyond

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet Monday Night Football

By the time you read this, it will probably be too late to bet on tonight’s Monday Night Football game. But, there will always be one next week and the week. Bet Monday Night Football for any number of reasons, but perhaps the most common is: to close the football weekend on a win. Maybe this weekend, the ball didn’t bounce your way, some things didn’t work out as they should, and Monday night is a chance to turn it around. Or, alternatively, perhaps you just rocked all weekend. You had a perfect rating in picking winners and more, so you want Monday night to close out strong. At BetNow, you can always bet on the best of Monday night

Bet Monday Night Football in November 

Monday night football, big a deal as it is, perhaps used to be an even bigger one. Decades ago, there weren’t so many procedural TV shows on Monday night, and Monday night football was a ratings star. Then, with the rise of CSI and the like, the games moved from ABC to ESPN. Sunday night football then became more prominent for a major reason: the league could flex those games. 

As Monday night involves so much travel and planning, the league doesn’t want to move a game to Monday night (even if it’s a big matchup) unless it’s something drastic, COVID-19 related, etc. So, the Sunday night games became more important as the league could shift something they were if they would like. 

That said, there are always big games and matchups on Monday night. After all, it’s the only game in town, so the league knows that they have to put a matchup on there that’s going to get eyeballs. That’s certainly the case next week, when Tom Brady and the resurgent Bucs travel to New York to play the Giants. 

Now, the Bucs are going to be heavy favorites (for any number of reasons) not the least of which could be the first appearance of Antonio Brown as a Buccaneer. What do you think? Do you think the Bucs roll in Metlife? Or, is this the upset special, a game that they overlook against an overmatched foe? 

Division Matchups and More 

One of the best parts of Monday night is when there’s division games. Two rivals that play each other every year, going at it on Monday night. That will be the case on November 9th when the Pats go to Metlife to play the Jets. Both of these teams have disappointed, to say the least. The Jets might still be winless by the time this game rolls around. The Pats, so long the gold standard of franchises, are really struggling right now. 

Obviously, in the past, a game against the Jets could be just the thing to turn the Pats around. After all, “The Butt Fumble” is one of those miscues that will be seen forever. But, that was with Brady. Without him, the Pats do not seem like the same thing. That said, they should be enough to beat the Jets. But, again, this is a division game. Anything can happen in the division. Just yesterday, the Jets gave the Bills a game, and the Bills certainly look like the class of the AFC East at this time. 

More than Monday Night 

Monday night is a great time to bet on football, but there are plenty of other times to do so as well. We have an entire slate of Sunday, Thursday, and even Tuesday games (although, hopefully the last is never necessary again). On top of that, we even have football if you don’t want to bet on the pros, too. You can bet college football at our site, making sure to get in all of the games that you want from the biggest, highest ranked teams. Good luck to you throughout the season from your friends at BetNow!