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Bet March Madness 2022 Right Here

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet March Madness 2022

Can you feel it? We’re only a few weeks out from Selection Sunday. That will be the day. Or, at least, it will be the day until the next day of games starts. But, that’s when we’ll all have our brackets, knowing exactly who’s playing where, who they could play next, and so forth. There’s no college basketball betting opportunity quite like March Madness. Here at BetNow, we make it so that you can bet in multiple ways to win, even if your bracket is less than perfect. We’re always glad to have so many bet March Madness 2022 right here. 

Bet March Madness 2022 from the First Four to the Final Two 

March Madness doesn’t start with the first round or anything like that, not anymore. Instead, the games start now just a couple days after Selection Sunday. That’s when the “First Four” gets played. Of course, another way to refer to these is the “last four.” As in, specifically the last four to get into “the tournament..” “The tournament” is in quotes there because two of these teams will go on to keep playing, in the field of 64, whereas two will not. 

Then, on the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, the NCAA Tournament as so many have known it in their lives will commerce. Those first four days of games will be played literally all around the country. From Buffalo in New York to Fort Worth in Texas, Portland in Oregon to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, from San Diego to Greenville, the first two rounds will take place. 

This is where the majority of the tournament “happens,” when you think about it. 64 teams go into the first weekend. 16 teams come out. That’s the sweet sixteen, and, indeed, why it’s so sweet to have somehow made it out of that. From there, the next weekend will whittle them down to the Elite Eight and finally, the Final Four. Then, those two teams will meet one week later in New Orleans to determine a champion. You can bet all of this right here. 

Every Game, All You Need 

When it comes to betting brackets, there’s nothing like betting at BetNow. Here, you’ll be able to make a bracket. We have so many bracket competitions. Indeed, we have some of the most lucrative prizes anywhere for anyone who has the best bracket. There’s nothing like filling out a bracket, and we take it on ourselves to give you more opportunities to win. 

That said, even the best bracket gets busted. There’s no shame in having your bracket not go as you had hoped. To that end, it’s not like you’re out of opportunities to continue making money throughout the tournament. Indeed, just because it’s March Madness, just because the tournament is going strong, that doesn’t mean you’re precluded from betting on these games as you would on any other college basketball game throughout the season. 

So, even during the tournament, you’ll be able to bet on the point spread, on the money line, on the odds, and so much more. Indeed, as the tournament goes on, you’ll be able to bet on even more than that, too. Our goal at BetNow is to give you more ways to, well, bet now. We want you to be able to have everything you need to win at March Madness. That’s true whether it’s your bracket or any other kind of bet that you might want to make. 

Before the Madness

As great as March Madness can be, it’s far from the only way that you can bet on college basketball right now. Indeed, there are plenty of conference championship tournaments here as well. That way, beyond simply having another opportunity to win, you’ll also be able to learn more about these teams, so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to betting on the big tournament, too. To see all of the games and ways that you can bet on college basketball, come to BetNow today. Good luck to you throughout the tournament!